Being God why did Jesus leave the splendor, beauty, glory, holiness, wonder and perfection of Heaven to come to the dirt, sin, trouble and sadness of the Earth?

A wrong answer will take you or keep you in the wrong direction. Sin came due to the lie of the devil and changed the entire course of human life leading to destruction and perdition. It is crucial that we know why God came to earth. Jesus did not come to put a burden in your lives or to make your lives miserable. He didn’t come that we may plead, beg and threaten Him to bless us. Many have a wrong information of why Jesus came and over and above some of the preachers have made people’s lives miserable by putting unnecessary yoke that they, nor others can carry.

Matt 11:28 – Jesus said, Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden…

It requires divine grace and divine faith to come to him for salvation. It’s not through ritual or religious doings that we are saved – but through Jesus Christ Who is the grace of God. ALL – Here the word ALL indicates a condition that already exists in all human beings which is sin. WEARY speaks of internal burden of toiling in seeking God through various rites and rituals and trying to earn salvation by works. HEAVY LADEN speaks of external burden – Sin has made our life miserable inside and outside.


  • The first was to deliver us from Satan, and all the bondage’s of sin that have plagued humanity. This is so exciting, but there is much more!
  • The second part is to make us Children of God. God’s will is for us to have the very life and Spirit of God, so He can bring us into His glory, to partake of His divine nature. This is Christianity! It is the joy of our salvation!

It is wonderful to be forgiven, but Jesus came for more. Do not waste your entire Christian life battling with sin and Satan. You were born for more. Jesus came to make you a living manifestation of the fullness of God! God sent Jesus or God came through Jesus to free us from all bondage and oppression, so that we can enjoy the life of God until it overflows! You were God’s main focus not animals when He sent Jesus! Do not let His sacrifice be in vain. Take advantage of your salvation by growing in your knowledge and faith.

The day we accepted Jesus we entered God’s family and have all the access of heaven and it’s treasures forever. This does not mean that after we believed in Jesus, God sent His Son to pay for our sin. No, God already made a provision 2000 years back, but we chose to believe now. It is obvious that no matter what one has to offer, it is of no value until it is received. Jesus came to the Jews with an offer of salvation and eternal life and they did not receive Him. They rejected what He had to offer to them. He came unto his own, and his own received him not (Jn. 1:11).

How did we become His children? We became children of God by accepting the salvation Jesus came to offer us. Many believers end up accepting only part of what Jesus has to offer. The first scenario is when a believer accepts Jesus as Savior, but not yet received Him as Lord. Jesus came to save us from our sin, but He is more than a Savior. He is Lord and Master, who has control over the affairs of our lives. We should not only receive Him as Savior but also receive Him as Lord.

Salvation is not limited to freedom from Sin so we can escape hell and spend eternity in heaven. Doubtless, as believers, we have all being saved from sin and will be spending eternity with Him. But Jesus has more than the freedom from sin to offer to us. Have you accepted Him as your provider, healer, protector, deliverer. Faith is very specific. The fact that we believe Christ as our Savior from sin does not necessarily mean we believe Him as our Healer when we are sick. Yes, the same faith that believes in salvation from sin is the faith that believes for provision for our needs. But we must first receive Him as Provider for us to see any results.

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