(1) Persecution is common to ALL believers, so don’t be offended.

(2) Persecution is more of a confirmation that one’s calling to Heaven Life is real, than being some type of sign that one’s calling may not be real.

(3) Persecution is something people do under the influence of Satan, because it requires hate to persecute somebody.

(4) Persecution can come through believers or unbelievers. But believers who are children of light should never persecute, because persecution requires hate which is the quality of Satan.

(5) Remember God is on the side of the persecuted, not on the side of the persecutor because God who is Being of love never persecutes, but forgives.

(6) John 15:18 – Jesus said, If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated ME FIRST.

(7) Christians are not persecuted because they are bad, but because they live godly lives & the darkness of Satan hates the Light which is Jesus in them.

(8) If they hated Jesus who was/is the only One who did no sin, knew no sin, who was without sin, born without sin, yet they persecuted Him. The Bible says that they hated Him without a cause.

(9) The persecutor should have the hate of Satan to persecute. A person who has the love of God will never persecute. The persecutors think that they are working for God. Which God? There are two:

  • True God who is a being of Love
  • False god which is god of hate

By their fruits they know and others know which God they serve. God does not hate to persecute and Satan does not love to forgive. Christians should/will never persecute, but they are the persecuted ones. God of love (True God – Jesus) is on the side of the persecuted while the god of hate (False god – Satan) is on the side of the persecutor. True God will never tell anyone to persecute His creation who are made in His image. Sin distorted or robbed that image of God & from that time they were separated from the true image of God. Satan through sin is deceiving the whole of mankind calling bad good & good bad. That is why we see deceived people are killing thinking they are serving the true & the Living God, but actually they are serving the god of hate, Satan.

1 John 4:8 – Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. That shows those who persecute others do not know the God of love, but only know the god of hate, Satan.

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