The Bible says in Proverbs 4:22 that the Word of God is a medicine for our body. This beloved sister has been attending our church since the last 20 years and faithfully hearing the Word of God shared by Pastor Paul Silway. She testifies that from the day she has been attending the church till date, she has never been admitted to a hospital nor taken any medicines.

We have learned from Matthew 4:1-11 that like Jesus whenever the devil attacks us we must use the Word of God to defend ourselves. So every time the devil attacked her, she confessed the Word and was healed. So my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, give importance to the Word of God for it is Life and Spirit and it will work wonders for you.

Let me tell you something more. This is not to embarrass her but to boost other saints’ faith in the Word of God. Do you know that she is illiterate, so no excuse for those who are illiterate and also no excuse for those who are literate and yet don’t read their Bibles or attend the Word fellowship in their local churches where the gospel of grace is preached. All Glory to God!

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