(1) Christian life is not by physical birth. A person does not become a Christian because he/she is born in a Christian home.

(2) Who is a Christian? A Christian is one who has the LIFE OF CHRIST in him, which means he/she is born again.

(3) Who can go to Heaven? Only a born again Christian can go to Heaven.

(4) Only Jesus came from Heaven to give us Heaven life. No one has ascended into Heaven accept Jesus who came down from Heaven. Only Jesus has Heaven life and He came to give Heaven life to ALL those who BELIEVE IN HIM as Lord and Savior.

(5) The new birth is essential for entering into the kingdom of God (John 3:5). This is not a second physical birth, but rather a spiritual birth. Our spiritual man became dead unto (separated from) God through sin (Romans 3:23).

(6) Just as we didn’t accomplish our physical births, we cannot produce this spiritual rebirth. We are totally incapable of saving ourselves; therefore, we need a Savior. A Sinner cannot be a Savior. Since ALL are sinners, Christ came from Heaven in the Person of Jesus who alone was born without sin and lived without sin, but when He died as a penalty for all of mankind’s sin, He gave His life as an eternal sacrifice. So that no man should perish and go to hell, but come to Heaven where He is.

(7) How can we be saved? We simply believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are saved (Acts 16:31). Faith is the only condition (Romans 3:28 and 10:6-9). Faith of Jesus alone saves and then we see the good works of faith.

(8) Salvation is not a reformation, but rather a regeneration, a new birth, a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), that can only be accomplished by a creative miracle of the Holy Spirit.

(9) Many ask, why are we converting people into Christians. We do not convert anyone neither can we convert anyone. It’s not man’s work, but God’s Who alone gives spiritual life to anyone who believes. We just share the message of grace which is Jesus who came to save mankind from sin which leads to eternal punishment in hell.

(10) The new Birth is not joining anybody’s church, or obeying any particular command, or submitting to any ordinance, or even being baptized in water “n” number of times, or partaking the Lord’s supper, or celebrating Christian festivals. The New Birth is not brought about by good works. It is not by deeds of law man is justified; it is not by works of righteousness which we have done,

(11) It is a divine act brought about by the sovereign grace of a sovereign God. It is all of grace and none of works. “By grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

(12) Necessity of the New Birth: It is not necessary that a man be a good citizen to be born again. Being a good person does not entitle you for salvation or Heaven. But the greatest sinner can go to Heaven simply by believing in Jesus as Savior and Lord to become born again.

(13) A man may be an honest, honorable citizen, pay his debts, be a good father, supply all the needs of his household of which he is head, yet not be born again. These good works don’t give him/her a place in Heaven.

(14) Jesus told Nicodemus a good man a religious man, a rich man – You MUST be born again which means though he had all the goodness, he never knew that he had to be born again to enter Heaven.

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