Heaven is not the default destination after someone dies. Hell is our default destination because of SIN according to the Bible. But God has made provision for every person to go to Heaven if they CHOOSE to believe in the God – provided Savior – Jesus Christ. As we read in the newspaper obituary – “They have gone to Heaven.” They will never say – “somebody has gone to hell”. Some even believe that even if the deceased had been a bad person the people on earth can bribe god by some rituals or money and can get him a place into Heaven. This the biggest lie of the devil. There are two ways man can get information and based on that he believes and lives –

  • God Who is TRUTH and Light
  • Satan (False god) who is LIES and Darkness

Because the world loves you, it does not mean that God loves you too because the world loves you. His love is unconditional love. The world’s love is conditional and carnal love. God loves you because His Being is love not because you are lovely or famous. Because you are famous on earth, does not mean that you are, or will be famous in Heaven. Heaven does not test you or accepts you, on the basis of how famous you are or were on earth. When you were born many people may have come to visit you, but that does not mean that Heaven also responds the same way. At Jesus’ birth very few people were there, yet Heaven responded by sending myriads of holy angels to celebrate his birthday.

Because many thronged at your death, does not mean that you could also be famous in Heaven or you have a welcome home celebration in Heaven. That is why many want to become famous so that many people may gather for your final good-bye. They say, look what a privilege of dying that way, very few have that kind of honor. But Heaven sees it very differently. Heaven sees differently and earth sees differently! Attract Heaven not Earth. Excite Heaven not Earth! Many crave to have a good standing before men not before God. It’s not the same! God is not forced to take the famous to Heaven, because they were famous on earth.

You cannot force God based on various rites or rituals to take a person to Heaven or give him a position in Heaven. Heaven does not work on earth patterns/ways. His ways are higher than ours, as the Heaven is higher than the earth. You cannot buy Heaven and God is not selling Heaven. You can never bribe God and for your kind information God never takes bribes.

You don’t go to Heaven because you have killed yourself as a martyr by killing others. There is no place for a murderer (directly or indirectly) and a terrorist in Heaven, unless they repent and become a new person having God’s life. If someone had the life of Christ, he will never murder or kill because the Christ that is in Him has given His life to save him. You need Satan’s (murderer’s life) to murder and kill people. If Satan is not permitted in Heaven neither will you! Stay away from the murderer before he influences you with his act of murder.

Know HOW Heaven works. Know WHO can go to Heaven. Know HOW to go to Heaven. Know the REQUIREMENTS to go to Heaven.


  • Which are the best deeds that I can do that I can buy a place in Heaven?
  • Is God selling the imperishable Heaven with the perishable earthly deeds/goods?
  • Are we so rich that we can buy a place in Heaven?
  • Is God unjust by allowing a rich man to Heaven and sending a beggar to hell?

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