CHRIST: After a person confesses and repents of sin and invited Me (Christ) into his or her heart, if that one matures enough in commitment to Me (Christ), Holy Spirit, Our Father and the Church, I Christ can come to that one in a vision. There is a sense in which I (Christ) am always with you, but there is also a sense in which I (Christ) should continue to come to you again and again.

HOLY SPIRIT: Many Born Again Christians would like to see a vision of Christ. But all should keep this truth in mind. Even though a person may become mature enough in one’s Christian faith and life to see a vision of Christ, Christ will only appear in a vision ACCORDING TO OUR FATHER’S WILL. It does not violate the Scriptures for a Born Again Christian to desire to see a vision of Christ or angels. That is, if that one keeps in mind that if such a person ever sees a vision of Christ or angels the events happen only because Our Father willed the events to happen.

Holy Spirit led me to the following Scriptures about visions:

Isaiah 6 – When Isaiah was in sorrow and concern because his friend the king of the nation had died, he went to the Temple to worship the Lord.

Verse 1: Isaiah saw a vision of the Lord.

Verse 6: An angel ministered to him.

Verse 8: In this vision Isaiah and the Lord had a conversation.

Ezekiel 1:1 – Ezekiel had visions of God.

Ezekiel 1:28-2:2 – Ezekiel heard the voice of One speaking and the Spirit entered him in his vision and he had fellowship and conversation with the Lord.

Acts 9:1-17 – In his vision, Ananias had a conversation with Christ in which he received verbal instructions from Christ.

Verse 17: On Paul’s journey to Damascus, he saw Christ in a vision.

According to Verse 3, the first thing that happened to Paul in his conversion experience was that he saw a bright light which blinded him. So, Paul had to see the vision in his mind. But in his vision he recognized the person of Christ and had a conversation with Him.

Revelation 1:1, 10, 17 – Evidently, what John the Revelator saw of Christ, heard from Christ and Holy Spirit all took place in a vision.

Verse 17: It is stated the John fell down like a dead person. Though John was as a dead person, which means his physical senses no longer functioned, Christ took over his mind and feelings and he saw Christ, was touched by Christ and heard Christ speak.

COMMENT: It always amazes me how John was able to write down in such detail the experiences he had on The Lord’s Day and what Christ said. It shows that what John heard were so vividly recorded in the memory of his mind that he could remember every detail and word to write a record of the encounter.

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