We are not fighting flesh and blood, but demonic beings. The people of the world use physical sword to harm and kill. Their fight will yield nothing. They are wasting their time. Human beings are not our real enemies, that is what the devil has told them. ONLY Christians know who is our real enemy; it’s Satan and evil spirits. Those who do physical war are already defeated because of their deception. The devil teaches them to wage war against humans and one another. Their obedience to the devil’s teaching has made them slaves to the Evil One.

You can’t touch him (Satan) physically, but do you know child of God, that your worship becomes a weapon in God’s hand. So when you worship next time, you think about what you’re doing. When you pray for people, out of your mouth comes a spiritual sword. The angel of the Lord is waiting there to take that sword. Instantly they will take that sword and start fighting on behalf of what you just prayed for.

Your words have power and He wants you to know it. Sometimes, you may not see the answer immediately to that prayer even for years, but guess what, the minute you do it something happens. Power is released on behalf of what you prayed for.

That’s why He says to pray without ceasing. Why? Because POWER would be released without ceasing. Don’t think your words are dropping to the ground. If you’re truly interceding for a situation or a person, or a government, those words will produce power. They will produce an immediate reaction in the spirit realm around you.

So not only can you do things in your life that cause the evil to react and respond, you can do things for Heaven and God to respond and react to. I would much rather help the Kingdom of God, wouldn’t you?

Dearly beloved children of God, hear the right Word of God, don’t listen to condemnation, fear and judgment messages, for Jesus already bore all this for you to free you completely. Now you can enter into His presence boldly!

Sin causes wounds and these block healing until they are dealt with. Even mainstream doctors will sometimes admit that resentment, bitterness, fear, etc contribute to disease. Sin and trauma in life must be repented for and the blood of Jesus will erase it.

When your soul/spirit is strong it will sustain your body, but when your soul/spirit is wounded how will it strengthen your body.

Proverbs 18:14 makes a statement, then asks a vital question: “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity (sickness, disease, weakness), but a wounded spirit who can bear?”

For this reason many are sick in their bodies and many times just payer does not help! Receive the Word that will not only cleanse your soul but also strengthen your soul/spirit and even vitalize your body.

When you donate to this ministry, you are changing lives through the messages that Pastor Paul Silway is sharing free on different platforms. God will surely bless you! We appreciate your help and generosity. I pray a special blessing over all who give for this ministry.

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