HOLY SPIRIT: In these days of the Church of Christ Your Lord the role of communication is very important. Because of the availability of a variety of ways of worldwide communication, when Holy Spirit gives a Prophetic Word from Our Father through a Prophet, the Prophetic Word can be shared with Born Again Christians everywhere.

(1) Here is my challenge in this communication. The days of the mega-Churches will not continue forever, and the opportunities of worldwide communication for the Church of Christ Our Lord will not continue much longer.

(2) As opposition and persecutions increases against those Born Again Christians who are giving public testimonies to their faith in Christ Our Lord, when Born Again Christians gather together for public worship, they will be forced to gather in much smaller groups.

(3) Not only will the assembled groups be smaller in number, but also many of them will be forced to become what you refer to as UNDERGROUND CHURCHES. This will severely limit the communication that can take place between Church groups.

(4) Therefore, Our Father’s plan is that He will have a pastor/priest leading each group of Born Again Christians that assembles together for worship. Since there will not be opportunity for communication between and among the different assembled groups, Our Father will have Me (HS) give His Prophetic Words to each pastor/priest who is ministering to a group of Born Again Christians.

(5) The more Our Father makes preparation on Planet Earth for the Second Coming of Christ Your Lord, the more Satan will respond by seeing that more persecution comes upon Born Again Christians who give public testimony of their faith.

(6) Our Father wants Born Again Christians prepared in the manner I (HS) have talked about tonight so they can continue to receive His Prophetic Words during the coming times of persecution.

Hebrews 10:25 – Not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

(1) As the Second Coming to Planet Earth of Christ Our Lord is near, the guideline of this verse is that one of the preparations that is necessary to prepare for the second Coming of Christ Our Lord is for Born Again Christians to gather together as groups in public places for worship.

(2) We are living in a time when this COMMAND is becoming more of a challenge for Born Again Christians. We are already hearing reports from some parts of Planet Earth where Bom Again Christians, because of persecution, are being forced to establish UNDERGROUND CHURCHES.

(3) We who are not yet facing this much persecution should have compassion and understanding in this matter. For, I also hear reports of how Holy Spirit leads some individually to do public witness of some type even though they know it may mean more persecution and martyrdom.

(4) Holy Spirit wants me to use a make believe example at this point. If I, as a Bom Again Christian, were placed into prison as a matter of persecution, I trust that my faith will be strong enough to remain true to Our Father/Christ Our Lord/Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit told me that if this would ever happen to me. I probably would not totally understand why it was happening. But, Holy Spirit also told me that if I would worship in prison based on the confession and repentance of my sin, that the Angels would form a canopy of wings over me, and that I would be under the shadow of the wings of Our Father.

(5) This may not insure that no harm would come to my physical body, but it does mean that Satan and demons would not be able to bring about my harm to my spirit and soul. And, even if my body would be destroyed by persecution or martyrdom, the destruction would only be temporary. In the Resurrection my physical body would be changed into a spirit light being body and united with me (HS).

To be continued …

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