Namrata Jadhav shares her blessed testimony about how she has been delivered from a severely delicate health condition after falling directly on the back of her head during a church service. The moment she fell, there was no sign of consciousness whatsoever. Church leaders gathered soon to help her but she responded to absolutely nothing. Without wasting any more time, they rushed her to a nearby hospital where she threw up along with some blood. The tensed hospital asked to take her to another one because of their lack of medical facilities.

She was rushed to three hospitals by now but they could not admit her for some reason until a large healthcare facility accepted her and moved her directly to ICU. The doctors said the timing was just right to bring her to the hospital, failing which it would had been difficult for her to survive because she had faced a strong hit on the cerebellum a.k.a. “little brain.” There was swelling on her brain.

She did not open her eyes nor moved her body for nearly two days while she was kept on a medical ventilator. In the meantime, Br. Kenneth Silway reached the hospital to pray for her. After two days, she attained her consciousness and started to eat food. The doctors examined her condition and said she is out of danger. She was soon moved to a general ward. Praise the Lord, she is now healed!

However, her family had another mountain to face, it was about finance. Her father is an auto rickshaw driver and her mother is a housewife. They were falling well short of paying a high medical bill that crossed almost INR 1.0 lakh. But God rescued them even then through His helping hands and an experienced brother who worked in a government facility. The bill was reduced to a payable amount and they were able to discharge her from the hospital. Praise God!

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