The Bible regards the whole of humanity just as two men. This is not the way some Christians and non-Christians see. If you want to benefit grace blessings which is unmerited favor of God upon mankind, then we must know these two men – We need to know three things about these two men:

  • Two men
  • Two acts
  • Two results

You must meet these two men, otherwise you may not understand God’s plan for mankind. In the revelation of these two men lies the key to a victorious life. I always love to teach from the Bible, so that Christians may know that God loves them independent of their works or performance. Many of the messages today is making the life of Christians hard. I have encountered so many Christians suffering and even demonized; when the Bible says that Satan cannot touch you. The Bible says that Satan cannot touch the church. Who is the Church? The church is not a building; but the body of Christ having the life and nature of Christ. Satan is out to make gain, but he finds out that whenever he touches the church, he suffers a loss. Even if he is invited, he will stay away!

First John 5:18 concludes, “That wicked one toucheth him not.” This is the only verse in the Bible which contains such a declaration. Our fallen concept is that Satan will always bother us, that he is too much for us, and that we cannot overcome him, but that is a lie of the devil. Hear my message “TWO MEN” on face book live. Even share it with others. God has wrapped all the blessing in the Word of God. Go for the word and you will come out with a testimony. Instead of looking for someone to bless you or pray for you. You are the right person to pray for yourself. You are closer to yourself than anyone else.

Always keep in mind you are a blessing to others and when you start believing you will not only be a blessing to others, but you too will be blessed. We are to minister not to be ministered. That’s our starting point. Jesus said – I came to minister not to be ministered. Many preachers will not teach you this because ether want you to come to them. They may even say – “Don’t worry – I will pray for you, I will cry for you, I will shake the throne of God for you, I will plead for, you don’t worry.” This shows that God is not so much concerned about your prayer; your talking to Him. He needs a mediator for you. Jesus alone is the Mediator under the new covenant of grace. Yes, some may need help and we are always there to help you, but you must grow up. These kinds of messages will make you lazy and stunt your spiritual growth.

No mother will keep carrying her baby even after it’s time the child walks on her own. The preacher as well as the receiver must have faith to receive. Christians are so immature that when some preacher says – Don’t worry I will pray for you; they become very emotional and think at least this preacher cares for me. It could be or couldn’t be. On the other side – your thought is – “Preacher, pray more, fast more, prepare more so that when you pray I get quick answers, while I sit and do nothing. Jesus asked a person – “Do you believe I am able to do this.” Jesus didn’t say – Don’t worry my child, you don’t do anything, you can just enjoy life, while I build my faith and when you need something, MY FAITH will get you healed.” No he said – Do you believe…… that means if the receiver did not believe, Jesus faith couldn’t bring healing and blessing. This is not the way may preachers or saints see.

When studying the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, many Christians misunderstand some of the principles of faith that would help them receive from God. They erroneously believe that Jesus healed everybody He came in contact with to prove His Deity. However, Scripture does not teach that Jesus always healed everybody everywhere He went. On certain occasions, the Bible does record that when the multitudes followed Jesus, HE HEALED THEM ALL (Matt. 12:15; Luke 6:19). But Scripture also lists times when ONLY A FEW PEOPLE WERE HEALED. For instance, in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth, the Word says, “He could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them” (Mark 6:5).

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