HOLY SPIRIT: There will be some thoughts in this communication that have been stated in previous reports you have written. This is again an important topic that I (HS) want to discuss. Do you recall that once you read something in a newspaper about curses that caught your attention.

ME: In the classified ads I noticed two or three ads that had been placed in the newspaper that were worded in such a way as to put a curse upon another person or family. These classified ads surprised me. I had read reports about people in our modern day still putting curses on other people, but this was the first evidence of this happening that I had seen with my own eyes.

HOLY SPIRIT: There are curses of this nature still happening today. There are even times when Satan uses statements made by people as a curse even though the person speaking the words did not think of it as a curse. One of the responsibilities of your four Guardian Angels is to keep the affect of curses from getting into your life. Here is my question to you: Will there be any curses of this nature in Our Father’s Home?

ME: My understanding is that there will not be any curses of this type in Our Father’s Home. I recall that John The Revelator wrote that THERE SHALL BE NO MORE CURSE in Our Father’s Home (See Revelation 22:3).

(1) Revelation 22:3 – And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him:

(2) I know the meaning of the word curse in what John The Revelator wrote is much larger than the type of curse we have been discussing, but I think it is included.

(3) First of all, I know that there will not be any sin or affects of sin, evil, Satan, and demons in Our Father’s Home that would hinder anyone in Our Father’s Home from seeing and experiencing the full glory of Our Father.

(4) Secondly, I also know that the glory of Our Father in His Home means that the mind of Our Father will prevail in His Home.

HOLY SPIRIT: When saints arrive in Our Father’s Home they will know that the judgment of their eternal destiny is past and final. You will never see any one of these Saints ever have a desire not to do the mind of Our Father. This is why for Angels and you Saints in Our Father’s Home, there will never be any need for any of you to be separated from Our Father’s Home like the angels that became Satan and the fallen Angels, or like Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

HOLY SPIRIT: As you know long time ago you in Our Father’s Home when the angels who became Satan and the fallen angels did not follow the opinion of Our Father. As a result, one third of the angels rebelled against Our Father, and as a result they were cast out of Heaven. Since that event they never had any desire to rebel against the mind of Our Father.

HOLY SPIRIT: The majority of the angels in the event made a decision that they were going to continue to follow the mind of Our Father. After the angels who became Satan and fallen angels were judged and cast out of Our Father’s Home, they realized that the event was also their time of judgment. Since the time of the eternal destiny judgment of angels, they have never had any desire to not follow or obey the mind of Our Father. Their only desire in this matter continues to be that they want to know more about the mind of Our Father, and do whatever is in the mind of Our Father. Though they spend most of their life as a Guardian Angel on Planet Earth, they have been in our Father’s Home enough to view many Born Again Christians who are now saints in our Father’s Home.

ME: These are words of encouragement to me. I know that there is a verse of Scripture written by Apostle Paul that states that we Born Again Christians will judge you angels. (See 1 Corinthians 6:3.) You (HS) told me that this judgment is not about Angels eternal destiny, but that I will be evaluating their ministry as a Guardian Angel.

HOLY SPIRIT: I (HS) am going to again discuss this matter that since there will not be any effects of Satan, demons, sin, and evil in Our Father’s Home, there will not be anything in Our Father’s Home that will hinder Angels and Saints seeing and experiencing the full greatness of the glory of Our Father.

In earlier reports you have already written about some of our discussion in this matter. As you recall, I (HS) explained to you how that after Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, a paradise type place with the same meaning as Our Father’s Home, when they disobeyed Our Father a sin factor started in their lives. The result was that THE CURSE started. This means that as a result of the quality of sin in them, Adam and Eve were now sinful with a touch of evil, and had to be separated from the righteous and holy presence of Our Father in the Garden of Eden. The result of the separation brought about the beginning of suffering, pain, and illness, and these things have since then been hindering people on Planet Earth seeing the glory of Our Father.

There are some of these things that even hinder Born Again Christians from seeing and experiencing the full glory of Our Father while they are on Planet Earth. When a Born Again Christian gets to Our Father’s home there are two things that happen,

(1) Since there is not any sin, evil, Satan, or demons in Our Father’s Home; a Saint in Heaven is totally separated from sin, even the sin nature, evil, Satan, and demons.

(2) The effects of sin, evil, Satan, and demons is removed from each Saint in Our Father’s Home, and even the memory of these things.

This means that in Our Father’s Home, all the things here on Planet Earth that hinder you in experiencing the glory of Our Father, will no longer exist and be with you. Here are some examples.

(1) Your minds will no longer experience any anxiety or fear.

(2) Your souls will not experience anything that will make you lonely or depressed.

(3) There will not be any sin in your inner spirits that will make you unclean. This means that you will be totally good and be able to fellowship with Our Father/Christ Your Lord/Holy Spirit who is totally good.”

In preparation for this report Holy Spirit led me to one more verse of Scripture and made the following comments.

Romans 8:21 – Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

HOLY SPIRIT: Paul, as a creature living on Planet Earth, when you became a Born Again Christian there was a change that began to take place in your inward nature. This change in your inward nature will be complete when you get to Our Father’s Home. One result of this will be that at that time you will have a nature like Adam and Eve both had before they disobeyed Our Father. This means that there are only two places that the negative curse effect of sin and evil exists. Those places are Planet Earth and Hell. Eventually, the only place where the curse effects of sin will exist will be in Hell.

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