HOLY SPIRIT: When Adam and Eve were created and placed in the Garden of Eden, they were totally in the IMAGE OF OUR FATHER. Do you recall how this changed?

ME: When Adam and Eve chose to disobey Our Father and eat fruit from the TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, they sinned. As a result, not only did they continue having the image of Our Father, but they also HAD A SIN NATURE. And, starting with Adam, through the SEED OF MAN, this sin nature was given to each human Born on Planet Earth.

What about the angels that did not follow Lucifer?

ME: Since they never chose to sin when Lucifer (Satan) influenced one third of the Angels to sin, one third of the Angels do not have a sin nature.

Here is another observation Holy Spirit wants to make

HOLY SPIRIT: When negative things take place around you, such as violence, because of your sin nature you have a tendency to take on some of these negative feelings such as of violence.

This is why I (HS) asked you not to watch television programs having a lot of violence in them. When Angels occasionally come into the natural realm of Planet Earth where you live, violence does not affect their feelings, as they do not have a sin nature.

During the past several months in the U.S., there has been a very intense election campaign between the two men running for president of their nation. The candidates have been stating a lot of negative criticism about each other, and sponsoring many commercials on television that have been presenting a lot of negative criticism of the two candidates.

Paul, even though you are created in the image of Our Father, that with your sin nature, you have a tendency to take on this method of negative criticism of other human beings.

ME: Holy Spirit is going to have study a verse of Scripture to encourage us to be careful in this matter.

Bible Study

2 Corinthians 12:20 – For I fear, lest somehow coming I might not find you as I wish, and that I shall be found by you such as you might not wish; lest somehow there be strifes, envyings, angers, contentions, backbitings, whisperings, proud thoughts, tumults.

HOLY SPIRIT: In VERSE 1, I (HS) had Apostle Paul give a list of actions that includes attitudes and feelings that are against Our Father’s law of love. In other words, these are actions, attitudes, and feelings that Born Again Christians should not let become part of their lives. There are only two of the items on this list I (HS) will mention in this report.

FIRST OF ALL, there is the Greek word translated BACKBITING. This is stating to another person or publicly to a group of people, a negative criticism of another person’s name or character. On the one hand, there will be times when you see flaws and shortcomings in another person’s life. This guideline is about how much emphasis you place upon flaws and shortcomings you may think you see in another person. Remember that the priority emphasis should be upon the Bible truth THAT THERE IS SOME GOOD IN EVERY HUMAN BEING LIVING ON PLANET EARTH. Keep in mind I (HS) had Moses write that all Our Father created/creates is good.

Genesis 1:31 – And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, IT WAS VERY GOOD.

SO, KEEP LOOKING FOR GOOD in all human beings around you rather than looking for flaws and shortcomings. Even a person you may consider to be the greatest of sinners has some good HIDDEN within him or her.

SECONDLY, there is the Greek word translated WHISPERINGS, which is about referring to another person as an evil person. If you ever discuss what you think are the misdeeds (sins) of another person it should be done only with a sincere motive of wanting to help the other person, or protecting others from evil influence, especially those in the Kingdom of God. And you should never become involved in WHISPERINGS (and backbitings) for the purpose of some personal benefit or gain, or for the benefit or gain of another person.

Luke 6:37 – Judge not, and ye shall not be judged, condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive and ye shall be forgiven.

HOLY SPIRIT: When the meaning of the Greek word translated JUDGE is applied to relationships between and among people, it is about expressing opinions about the right and wrong in the life of another person or lives of other people. There is a very important factor about an attitude of NEGATIVE CRITICISM that I (HS) want you to keep in mind. If you begin to let the spirit of negative criticism become part of your inner being, you will begin to notice that you are beginning to place more emphasis upon evaluating the right and wrong in the lives of other people, than you do the matter of evaluating right and wrong in your own life. Continue to guard against letting the FIERY DART of negative criticism become part of your life.

Ephesians 6:16 – Above all, take the shield of faith, with which you shall be able to quench all the FIERY DARTS OF THE WICKED.

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