Job 38:7 – When the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

Luke 19:40 – And He answered and said to them, I tell you that if these should be silent, the stones would immediately cry out.

Angels were present at each event of our two text verses. They were present when Our Father created the universe of Planet Earth, Planet Earth, and all the life forms and beings on Planet Earth. It was indeed a glorious event to see. Some of them were also present when Christ Our Lord journeyed into the City of Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday.

HOLY SPIRIT: The event happened just as it is stated in the context of our second text verse. When the large crowd of Hebrew People began to give praises to Christ Your Lord, causing a loud sound of praises to be heard, the Pharisees did try to quiet the crowd. Christ Your Lord let it be known that He wanted the praises to continue because it was now time for Him as Our Father/Christ Your Lord/Holy Spirit to receive open praises on Planet Earth. He did actually say that if the people were not permitted to praise Him, He would perform a miracle and the stones on the ground would begin to speak forth with words of praise. The Angels understand all this because they had seen all the stars and planets in Heaven speak words of praise after the event of Creation.

Who were the SONS OF GOD mentioned in our first text verse? Who did I tell you were the sons of God.

Job 38:7 – When the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

ME: The only other beings available at that time were Angels, so this part of our first text verse is about Angels.

When you study the Hebrew word translated “SHOUT”, what meaning did you find?

ME: When this word is used in the Old Testament it means either to shout an alarm of approaching danger or an enemy, or it is used to give forth words of victory when an enemy is defeated.

HOLY SPIRIT: Creation came after the rebellion of some of the Angels took place in Heaven and the rebellious Angels were cast out of Heaven and later became known as Satan and fallen Angels. This means that at the time of Creation that Satan, demons, and evil – were in existence because of the rebellion of some of the Angels. The event of Creation by Our Father was the first time that Our Father had Angels fight or resist Satan, demons, and evil.

This was a most moving and meaningful experience for each one of the Angels. When Satan and his demons arrived to try to stop the Creation by Our Father taking place, the Archangels blew their shofars, and all of the Angels shouted out a cry of alarm. Then when the Angels defeated and contained Satan and his demons, THEY ALL SHOUTED FORTH A CRY OF SHOUT OF VICTORY.


This is what takes place in the spirit realm around you when Satan sends some demons for the purpose of attacking you. When this happens, all the Angels assigned to you, along with visiting Angels give forth a shout of warning. Then when they have won the battle they all give forth a cry of victory. Each one of these battles in the spirit realm are as important and meaningful to them as the one that took place when Our Father created the Universe of Planet Earth, Planet Earth, and all the life forms and beings on Planet Earth.

In the City of Jerusalem there are not any Hebrew People living on the Mount of Olives that demons now are in control, even if the place where Christ Your Lord will TOUCH DOWN when He returns to Planet Earth. Demons also control the Temple Mount area where the Temple will be built. Angels already know that the GREATEST SHOUT OF VICTORY that Angels will ever give will be when Christ Our Lord returns from Heaven and all the demons on the Mount of Olives and Temple Mount are defeated.

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