(1) I along with my family saw this movie today, “The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story”. It moved us to tears seeing the love of Christ manifesting through Graham Staines and family working among the poor abandoned lepers. Their faithfulness and commitment is an example to all of us Christians.

(2) Satan will not want anyone to watch this movie because it speaks of Satan’s hate verses God’s love. Hate is a loser and love is a winner.

(3) Everyone, especially Christians with all their church members must watch this movie. We can see that we have not even come close to manifest the great love of Jesus to helping others. It will boost our faith after seeing that some Christians have really been persecuted, their names tarnished for the sake of Christ. Jesus said, if they have persecuted Me they will also persecute you.

(4) Such is the hate of Satan against Christians that he persecutes and wants to kill them because Satan hates JUST ONE PERSON that is Christ who came to remove people from Satan’s hate kingdom into God’s Love kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

(5) What an honor and privilege to be called the children of His love. Christ, who for the sake of His pure love for mankind suffered by taking the penalty of all of mankind’s sin, so that man could be free from Satan’s hate and enter the Love of God which is Christ Jesus.

(6) Heaven is a place of love and hell is a place of hate. Everyone is either manifesting Heaven on earth or hell on earth. Many are not aware that there is a religion of hate and it’s founder is Satan and there is a religion of love and it’s founder is God.

(7) Each person is manifesting either the love of God or the hate of Satan. By the fruits you know whom you serve.

(8) I was really amazed looking at the life of Graham Staines and his family leaving the luxury of life in Australia and living in a village among the poor leprosy tribal. There was a son who had rejected his own father, but Staines and family took care of him. This is the true love of Christ.

(9) What a place Heaven is where there will be the completeness of this love of Christ. Where there will be no hate, no violence, no killing, no old age and no death, but we will all live with our Heavenly Father of love, Who alone is the Creator of the entire universe. It’s His humility that He calls us His children though we are not worthy. Oh what love beyond comprehension.

(10) For 34 years, Graham Staines worked among lepers in Orissa. Though he was a missionary neither did he directly convert or baptise anybody. Staines bridged the gap between lepers and the rest of society that considered leprosy a curse.

(11) He helped people without discrimination, and never on the condition that they would become Christians. As shown in the movie, it is said that there were people cured of leprosy who worked with him closely, but had never converted.

(12) Even a few years ago, a devastating fire in Baripada had left at least a 100 dead and scores horribly burnt. The local hospital failed to cope and the Staines couple — Glades who is a trained nurse — spent nights nursing the injured. Elected president-designate of the local Rotary chapter for 2001, says Staines was a leading light in last month’s Pulse Polio immunisation drive. He distributed leaflets enthusiastically while Glades drove the jeep that led the procession for creating awareness in Baripada.
Graham was never into conversions. All he did was to spread the message of the love of Jesus,” insists widow Glades.

(13) There were many who became Christians, no doubt, but those were inspired by the values the man held and his actions. People are usually attracted to love, because love is of God. So Satan hates those who manifest the love of Jesus.

(14) Christianity is a relationship and the fruit is good works. God never wants a forceful relationship. In religion you can do that, but not in relationship.

(15) Dara Singh, the man and his team behind the gruesome murder is a Bajrang Dal member who was convicted for leading a mob that murdered Australian Christian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons, Philip (aged 10) and Timothy (aged 6) on 22 January 1999.

(16) Dara Singh had many cases against him. Once he and his stormtroopers attack a truck carrying cattle — meant for slaughter houses in Calcutta — and set the vehicle on fire after beating up the driver and helper. He repeated this again beating up seven Muslims who were in the vehicle. One later succumbed to his injuries. With at least nine cases registered against him, Singh was no stranger to the police. Whenever communal violence took place in the region — including the attack on a church in nearby Kesidiha — Singh’s name invariably showed up in police records.

(17) Union Home Minister L.K. Advani didn’t wait for a full inquiry before issuing a clean chit to the Bajrang Dal.

(18) THE GRUESOME MURDER: The murderers were led by political activist Dara Singh, who belongs to the Bajrang Dal. He politically motivated the mob, blocked the doors of their ancient Willy’s station wagon where Graham and his two children were sleeping, poured gasoline on the vehicle, and shouted political slogans as the father and two sons were burned alive.

(19) He had gone to Manoharpur village for an evangelism campaign, and was sleeping in the station wagon outside the local church building when the attack by a mob numbering more than one hundred came.

(20) BURNING SHAME: This gruesome murder of Graham and his two sons in Orissa had shocked the nation then and even rattled the government at the Center.

(21) Even in death they were inseparable. Charred beyond recognition and reduced to fragile frames of ashes, the three bodies lay clinging to each other in what must have been a vain attempt to protect each other and escape the mob. But on the fateful night of January 22-23 in the wilderness of Manoharpur village in the sleepy rural outback of Orissa’s Keonjhar district, nothing worked for the hapless father and his two sons. Having surrounded them from all sides, a murderous crowd set on fire the old four-wheel drive Willy’s station wagon in which the three had retired for the night.

(22) The beastly act done, Graham Stewart Staines, 58, and his two sons, Phillip, 10, and Timothy, 7, were put to sleep forever. No sooner had its macabre mission been completed than the mob melted away in the darkness as the flames that had leapt skywards simmered. But the heat generated by the senseless killings and the outrage stoked are far from ebbing days after the incident.

(23) But not even the harshest words could measure up to the indignation felt in Baripada, the headquarters of Orissa’s predominantly tribal district of Mayurbhanj, which Staines had made his home. “It’s as if we all have had a personal bereavement,” said District Collector R. Balakrishnan.

(24) THE SILVER LINING OF THE GRAHAM STAINES STORY: His work did not end with his death. Gladys Staines, a simple woman herself, took the extraordinary step of declaring that she had forgiven Staines’ murderers and held nothing against them. This is Christian love which show that their work was purely out of God’s love for them. How heart breaking it could be for a mother to lose her husband and two little dear children for no fault of theirs. Such is Satan’s religion of hate verses God’s religion of love.

(25) AWARDED: She continued to work among the poor in India for another 15 years and was awarded the Padma Shri in 2005. She is now in Australia and had given the go-ahead for the movie when the makers approached her.

(26) Graham Staines cared for the poor. He came to India from Australia in 1965, and became involved in the Leprosy Mission work of treating lepers in Daripada, Orissa. He married his wife Glades in the ‘80s, and together they became very involved in ministry to the poor and helpless. Glades Staines and her daughter, Esther, are determined to continue the work.

(27) AT THE FUNERAL, Gladys sang the song:

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
Because He lives, all fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living
Just because He lives.

My dear children of God, hear this song; it’s beautiful.

(28) At the funeral of her husband and two sons. She announced her forgiveness of those who had murdered her family. Because of these events, Christ has been proclaimed from the front pages of the newspapers of India. In the face of persecution, many are coming to Jesus from families that have rejected the gospel for years. Yes, persecution is a blessing. By persecution the church always grows. We see this in the history of the church. The Staines murder will remain a collective blot on the conscience of India for a long time to come. It has made a great country look small and ugly.

(29) A JUDICIAL INQUIRY: After his death, a judicial inquiry headed by Supreme Court judge D.P. Wadhwa had cleared Staines of allegations that he had forcibly converted locals. There was no evidence of it, but there was plenty of evidence that he had indeed touched the lives of thousands in Odisha through his service. Thousands of Christians across the country protested the murder.

(30) ERASING A STAIN: A year after the killing of Graham Staines and his two sons at Manoharpur, police finally trapped Dara Singh. Rabindra Kumar Pal, alias Dara Singh, 35, was arrested from a forest near Guhira Dihi village, 160 km from Baripada in Mayurbhanj on January 31.

(31) By the way the movies name says – That Graham Staines and his family though GREAT took up the LEAST of their work and BECAME GREAT in the Kingdom of Heaven. Even Jesus though God became the lowest and washed the disciples feet and told them that He came to minister not to be ministered!

(32) As the closing lines of the movies – “The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story” said:


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