Saints, do you know that the color WHITE has special importance in the heavenly realm?

When you see different colors in beautiful ways, does any of the colors impress you more than the other ones?

ME: The color white stands out more than all the other colors and seems to be more brighter than the other colors. Also, it appears that all the other colors seems to be based on the color white so, I know that the color white has special importance. To tell you honestly, I have colored all of our rooms of our two, two-bedroom combined flats with white. I also told our staff to paint my offices at both our churches with white. I love the color white.

Bible Study

Revelation 21:23 – The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it. THE LAMB IS ITS LIGHT.

HOLY SPIRIT: Greetings! This Bible study is an important review of some teachings in your messages. One of the basic teachings in this verse is that the ONLY LIGHT IN THE CITY OF GOD ABOVE is the spirit light being of Our Father/Christ Your Lord/Holy Spirit. This means that the spirit light/energy is and comes from Our Father/Christ Your Lord/Holy Spirit, and includes Angels, Saints, and all the environment of The City Of God Above. The Light mentioned is a shiny bright light and is the basic and dominant color in The City Of God Above.

Secondly, there is not any NATURAL LIGHT in the City of God Above, like that which lights Planet Earth, only spirit light coming from the Being of Our Father/Christ Your Lord/Holy Spirit. There is only LIGHT, no DARKNESS in the City of God Above. I know that when you get to Heaven you will be amazed by these outward manifestations.

Genesis 9:13 – I set My rainbow in the cloud and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.

HOLY SPIRIT: Born Again Christians, and even sometimes Children, who have a vision of or an out of body experience often ‘see’ more colors than the color white in the City Of God Above. When Our Father placed a rainbow in the sky for Noah and his family to see, He showed how He could divide the color white into seven colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Though Our Father can combine these colors in different ways to make other colors appear, the basic colors that come from white are the seven colors of the rainbow.

HOLY SPIRIT: Has seeing this color white any effect upon your feeling/desires?

ME: Though my strongest desire is still to live here on Planet Earth doing the ministry I am called to do I also have a stronger desire to see the beauty of The City Of God Above. As I know that the beauty there is far, far greater than any of the colors and combination of colors I have seen here on Planet Earth.

Now, let me teach you this. As the physical sun sustains life on earth, in the same way Our Father’s Light will sustain all beings in heaven. If you know something about farming/garden what would you do if you knew some of the weeds were hindering the plants from growing? How do you kill the weeds?

ME: There are two ways this can be done depending on the size of the weeds. If the weeds were tall, I would cut them down and let the sun dry up the weeds. If the weeds were small I would cover the small weeds so that they did not get any sunlight, and the weeds would die.

Do you know why the weeds died when they did not get any sunlight?

ME: If I remember my science lessons stating that the source of energy for our human bodies and life forms on Planet Earth is the sun. This is true even with the energy that we get for our bodies from the food we eat. The food we eat has energy stored from the sun, and we eat the food to get the energy. I know that if I cannot get into the sunlight that I need to take certain vitamins to make up for my lack of sunlight. When the small weeds do not get any energy from the sun, they would die.

HOLY SPIRIT: When you go to Our Father’s Home, you will be in a place of light. This light resembles or looks very much like the light on Planet Earth, which Our Father created for our Planet Earth but there is a difference between the two types of light. You will notice the difference when you get to Our Father’s Home.

Our Father created the sun for the universe of Planet Earth to provide energy for the physical life and material forms on Planet Earth. The natural light of the sun in your universe only provides energy for your universe. The natural energy of your sun does not provide energy that is of any value in Our Father’s Home. Let me ask you a question: Does your sun provide any energy for the spirit light form of you living in your physical body?

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