As a Pastor I would like to thank all those who sent me thank you notes. I am so honored and privileged to have you wonderful saints. I thank you all for your support and help. It has been my desire to help you with my prayers and the Word of God. I can only hope that I have inspired all of you as much as you have inspired me. Christ people are just amazing and it has been such a blessing to be your pastor, mentor, teacher, helper or whatever you call me.

Dear congregation,

Thank you so much for all that you do. You make this great place possible. Today I am simply writing to say thank you. You are such an amazing congregation and it has been such a blessing to partner with you all in the Gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ. I would like to say what a joy and honor it is to be the pastor of Jesus Is Lord Church (Pune and Pimpri). The Lord has been so good to us, he has blessed us in so many ways. Since the start of Jesus Is Lord Church in July of 1997, the Lord has shown Himself, strong and mighty “To God Be the Glory.”

For the things that have happened since 1997, it is truly the work of the Lord. I want to thank the Lord for the wonderful people He has led this way to be a part of this great work here in Pune and Pimpri. We have some great people, and the Lord continues to add to the church people that love each other, serve each other, and have a labor of love. As a pastor I want to say “thank you,” and I love all of you very much. I praise the Lord for the Spirit-Led, Spirit-Filled, and Spirit-Feed services, thank God for His presence.

I want to encourage the members of Jesus Is Lord Church (Pune and Pimpri) to always keep “Jesus First” in all the work we do for Him, always pray for the leadership of the Lord in the ministry of your church. Once again thanks for allowing me to be your Pastor, all of you are a real blessing to me and my family. God has proved Himself faithful so many times, and that we are doing what God called and laid on our hearts to do. I also thank all our face book viewers and all others who are supporting our ministry. Thank you so much. Every church that has the life of Christ is One in the Lord for we are all the Body of Christ and He is the Lord of All.

We are a family of God. We love you all. We need each and everyone of you. I cannot do without you and you cannot do without me. We all need one another. Holy Spirit told me that no saint is inferior in the Body of Christ. God treats every saint as superior because we all have the life of Christ in us. Let us not criticize any saint who is a saint because Jesus is living in him which makes him a saint not a sinner. Jesus doesn’t leave or reject anyone because he is bad, but is patient towards him helping him to grow in this new life which is Christ.

I congratulate all those who stood strong with us in the days of difficulties where we were pushed from one place to another. Though we are still looking for funds to build a permanent construction as we still are in a temporary shed, we believe that one day we will be able to build our own church. Starting a ministry is not easy, it requires God’s calling and grace to continue till the last. God does not call the qualified; He qualifies those whom He calls. Continue in the Lord for we have already entered the Kingdom age and all those who were faithfully serving the Lord will reign and rule with Christ.

Thank you, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
Thank you, our Family.
Thank you, Trustees.
Thank you, all those who are helping us financially.
Thank you, Staff of JILCT.
Thank you, all our Area Leaders, Group Leaders, Cell Leaders, and the entire cell system.
Thank you, all those who are voluntarily serving our ministry.
Thank you, the Escort team, Media team, Camera team, Counter team, Youth group, and Elders
Thank you, all those who are working behind the scene who are not known physically, but God sees you and that is what matters.
Thank you, lastly, for our entire church at Pune and Pimpri.


Be greatly blessed!

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