Tanushree Dutta (Bollywood Actress) said that she had a visitation of Jesus in her dream. Jesus appeared to her as LIGHT and glorious. He also healed her. Another thing she said was that – She thinks that Jesus visited her BECAUSE she was worthy or because she was a good person or because she did many religious things:

I am happy for this testimony of hers. Secondly, as she is just a child in the things of God she must have said that, but when she starts reading the Bible, and hearing the right messages of grace by attending a Grace church, she will grow up into maturity and know some of the things that I mention here:

(1) Jesus does not come to us or visits us because we are worthy, good or deserving, but because HE is good, loving and loves us independent of our performance.

(2) None can BUY God’s favor or blessing. It is not OUR GOODNESS that He blesses us, but HIS GOODNESS, KINDNESS and MERCY that He blesses us.

(3) This is a lack of understanding of God’s grace.

(4) If we think our performance is a qualification for God’s blessing, then we’ll never walk in God’s best — not because we doubt God’s ability but because we are all too aware of our inability.

(5) But this is where the good news of the gospel comes in. God doesn’t need our ability, just our positive response to His ability.

(6) God loves you whether you feel it or not! And His love isn’t conditional upon your good actions, or holiness. When you know this, it takes the struggle out of it. It takes you out of condemnation. It takes you out of a legalistic mentality of trying to earn things from God. It removes doubt.

(7) The majority of churches are teaching that God’s love for us is conditional. They are misrepresenting His love, and it is one of the main reasons that we as Christians are so judgmental and harsh toward other people. Consciously or not, we tend to treat people the way we believe God is treating us.

(8) We must understand that God does not love us because we are lovely. He does not love us because we read the Bible, go to church, pay our tithes, or do our best to keep the command to love others as He loved us. The truth is that He loves us without conditions. That’s huge!

(9) When did God love us? The Bible says in Romans 5:8 while we were yet sinners, in the depth of sin, in our worst condition – He loved us and will never quit loving us.

(10) God’s love has never been or ever will be conditional. He loved you at your worst, and most Christian churches would agree with that initially. They believe you are saved by grace through faith, no matter your history, but that is often where grace stops and religion starts. And religion always puts the emphasis on the external.

(11) When you understand how much God loves you, it becomes easy to love others. And when you love others as He has loved you, your behavior will change toward them. If you loved your mate the way that Christ loves you—unconditionally—you would never commit adultery. If you loved your neighbor as Christ loves you, you would never steal from them or bear false witness against them.

(12) How does the world know that we are disciples of Christ? John 13:35 says, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

(13) Once you begin to understand how much God loves you, love will flow out of you toward others like rivers of living water.

(14) I have written this to change people’s opinion of Jesus and His grace. That will change their lives, and then they will change the world.

(15) If people knew how good God is, they would love Him and live for Him. That in turn would solve all the problems of the world. But God has been so slandered that most people don’t know Him as the good God He really is.

(16) Jesus was and is the perfect representation of God (Heb. 1:3). He said if we have seen Him, then we have seen the Father (John 14:9). He did exactly what He saw His Father do (John 5:19). Jesus showed us that God is love (1 John 4:8).

(17) As Christians are praying everywhere to send forth laborers to meet the unknowing, He is not only sending workers, but also He Himself is personally visiting them in visions and dreams.

(18) These are the last day wonders because of which many will enter the Kingdom of God. To tell you the truth I have been praying with my wife for the last 28 years that God would visit people in visions and dreams. This is happening and I am happy about it. Praise God.

(19) I hope and pray that she reads this anointed message and also others read it with an open mind and be blessed.

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