In Luke chapter 6 Jesus was telling the disciples that EVERYONE HAS STORMS of life or face storms in life. Your storm could be different than mine and yours could come at a different time than mine. At this time maybe someone is in a storm and someone is not in a storm. Some say:

How can we survive the pressures of everyday life? How can we survive in a stormy marriage? How can we survive criticism? Yet, we all face them. No one is excluded from this part of life. We all have this in common. Many may think that I will pray I should not have any storm in my life. That can only happen in heaven. Heaven is a place of peace and no storm can ever touch us. If YOU ARE hoping to go through life without pressure, without criticism, without temptations, without bad news, without tragedy, then you are living on FANTASY ISLAND.

There will be ups and downs even in our lives

It is not pretending that it wont happen that will take you through or thinking that you are a child of God so no storm can come against you. It is by knowing how to sail in this life through a storm and not being drowned. Is there a way? Has God a way through the storm. If you are facing or had faced or you could face a storm, I want to prepare you with God’s word. You may be in any crisis; God is our very present help in trouble.

Trap of Satan

There are times you may face discouragements in your life, even to those who are God’s children, because Satan will always find ways to discourage you. He will discourage and discredit those who are doing their best to live a godly life and who are doing the Lord’s ministry. He wants to tell them that if they stop living for God or going to church the persecutions and trials will end, but that that is lie of the devil. If fact when you take your eyes of the Lord who is the sure place of refuge he could defeat you.

How does he do it?

Getting you to look at life, its storms and adversities from the human point of view is a trap of Satan. You are not strong in your own strength; God is the strength of your life. Jesus said without Me you can do nothing. When you have the Word of God in you and you look at your circumstances through the Word of God, you will walk above not below.

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