This is a communication from Holy Spirit which explains how things will greatly worsen during the time of Antichrist.

PORTRAIT: In a class room with about fifteen students at a Bible school, a professor was teaching some kind of a Bible lesson to the students, but three of them were not paying any attention to what he was saying. In fact, they had their headphones on and were making rhythmic motions with their hands and fingers on the beats of the music. There was some brightness around the head of the professor and of the twelve students listening to his teaching. On the flip side, there was some darkness around the head of the three students listening to music rather than the teaching of the professor.

HOLY SPIRIT: In this portrait, the professor represents Me (HS). The twelve students who were listening to the professor are Born Again Christians who know they have much more to learn about the Truth. The three students listening to music with their headphones are Born Again Christians whose spirits are beginning to be invaded by a SPIRIT OF OBSTINACY. A person invaded by a spirit of obstinacy will begin to refuse to accept truth from a person they feel is INFERIOR or insane.

There are some in Your Lord’s Church who are beginning to feel they know MORE ABOUT THE TRUTH than most other Christians. This type of pride gives Satan opportunity to begin to invade their lives with spirits of obstinacy. The more the life of a Born Again Christian is invaded by a spirit of obstinacy, the more the person moves from being under the light of Our Father to being under the darkness of Satan. A spirit of obstinacy has the potential of being the cause for a person missing the Rapture of Your Lord’s Church.

John 9:34 – They answered and said to him, You were altogether born in sins, and do you teach us? And they cast him out.

HOLY SPIRIT: As you know, this is part of Apostle John’s record of Jesus performing a miracle to heal a man who was born blind. This man had a greater understanding of the Truth because he received a miracle of healing. When Christ, the Light of the World, healed him, the man no longer lived in the darkness of blindness but in the light of being able to see. This experience gave him an important understanding about Christ being the Light of the World.

The Pharisees in the Temple were very disturbed by this miracle. When they questioned the man about his healing, the man began to share some of the Truth he had learned and experienced. THE PHARISEES HAD A SPIRIT OF OBSTINACY in each one of them which resulted in the following:

(1) The Pharisees felt they were righteous and thus better than the man who was healed. In fact, the spirit of obstinacy led them to feel the man was a sinner because he was born blind. Even though the blind man was healed by a miracle and had some Truth the Pharisees did not have, they were unwilling to receive any Truth from him because their lives had been invaded by spirits of obstinacy.

(2) These spirits of obstinacy had so much control of the lives of the Pharisees that they even excommunicated the man from the Temple. The feeling that someone is not good enough to worship with you in your church is a feeling which comes from Satan through a spirit of obstinacy.

During the time of Antichrist, the SPIRITS OF OBSTINACY WILL WORSEN, they will lead some people to begin to feel they are superior to everyone else. During the time of Antichrist, there will be a few whom Satan will convince that they are superior to everyone else. Along with Satan and Antichrist, these few who feel they are superior will take on the role of being slave masters and rule over the rest of the people of the world.

Be greatly blessed!

Pastor Paul Silway
God’s beloved whom Jesus loves

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