Faith to Overcome Habit of Smoking

Smoking does not prevent a person from being saved. Nor does it cause a person to lose salvation. The Born Again Christian who do not smoke are greater or are better spiritually than the smokers is the feeling that Satan tries to get people in the Church to take on some spiritual pride.

For instance, there were some Christians who grew tobacco but did not smoke cigarettes that felt that they were better spiritual people then those Christians who grew tobacco and smoked cigarettes.

It seems that there are so many ways that Satan tries to get people in the Church to take on some spiritual pride. Satan is still bringing about the same type of temptation to spiritual pride today, though sometimes the BATTLE is the same but the BATTLEFIELD is different.

The next example that Holy Spirit wants me to use is not only an example about the possibility of some feeling that they are greater than others spiritually, but also that there are probably not any of us in both the New Testament Church and Old Testament Church who are actually PERFECT in all our moral ways of living.

I don’t condemn you for this as I don’t condemn a born again Christian for their sin/s as there is grace of forgiveness for your sin/s.

I don’t condemn anyone for their sicknesses for there is healing grace for your sicknesses.

Romans 8:1 – There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.

Establish yourself in the fact that there is no condemnation, and you’ll be victorious every time.

The Bible commands us not to allow our bodies to become “MASTERED” by anything: EVERYTHING is PERMISSIBLE for me—but not everything is BENEFICIAL. Everything is permissible for me—but I will not be MASTERED by anything (1 Corinthians 6:12).

1 Corinthians 6:19, 20 – “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”

Smoking is undoubtedly very bad for your health. Smoking has been proven to damage the lungs and the heart. Any unhealthy habit like eating unhealthy foods, or if you are addicted to caffeine could ruin your health. Some may argue that godly men have been smokers, such as the famous British preacher C.H. Spurgeon, who was known to smoke cigars.

Yes you could be godly and yet smoke which is a bad habit like any other bad habit which can destroy your body, not your Born again spirit which means you will not lose your salvation. But, why do you want to destroy your house (your body) in which you have to live and serve the Lord and be a testimony for Jesus. We all need this body which is the dwelling place for us as long as you live in there. So, take care of it and you can enjoy your dwelling place and work better for the Lord. Very soon you will have to put away your house and you will be given a new body. You are the master of your body so don’t let the body master you!

Then, you can’t blame God for it’s negative consequences, yet God loves you in that state, but He is only worried because His Beloved (YOU – the smoker) will suffer pain. He wants YOU to ENJOY LIFE!

As you know Our Great Heavenly Father has assigned Angels for every child.

I know you may be thinking:

1. When did our Father assign angels?
2. Do even unbelievers have angels with them?

I will answer all those question in other posts very soon.

Some of the Angels are very concerned because they are ministering to people who smoke. Satan is trying to destroy people through the habit of smoking. Our Father is trying to deliver people from the habit of smoking so that they can have better health and happier lives.

Vision from Man of God

One of the choruses we sang during our praise time was a chorus that had some words about putting Satan under our feet. After we sang the chorus a couple of times I noticed a change take place in my vision of Christ sitting in His kingly chair in an elevated position above the choir area. Christ was now standing in front of His kingly chair and there was a dark being laying on the floor in front of Him. The dark being in this manifestation was either Satan or a demon and Christ had His right foot on the neck of the being.

Holy Spirit wants to communicate through the following Scriptures:

Joshua 10:16 – But these five kings fled and hid themselves in a cave at Makkedah.
Joshua 10:17 – And it was told to Joshua, saying, The five kings have been found hidden in a cave at Makkedah.
Joshua 10:18 – And Joshua said, Roll great stones on the mouth of the cave, and set men by it in order to keep them.
Joshua 10:19 – And do not stay. Pursue your enemies and strike the ones who are behind. Do not allow them to enter into their cities. For Jehovah your God has delivered them into your hand.
Joshua 10:20 – And it happened, when Joshua and the sons of Israel had made an end of killing them with a very great slaughter until they were gone, the rest of those who remained entered into fortified cities.
Joshua 10:21 – And all the people returned in peace to the camp to Joshua at Makkedah. None moved his tongue against any of the sons of Israel.
Joshua 10:22 – And Joshua said, Open the mouth of the cave, and bring those five kings out of the cave to me.
Joshua 10:23 – And they did so, and brought those five kings out of the cave to him: the king of Jerusalem, the king of Hebron, the king of Jarmuth, the king of Lachish, the king of Eglon.
Joshua 10:24 – And it happened, when they brought out those kings to Joshua, Joshua called for all the men of Israel. And he said to the commanders of the men of war who had gone with him, Draw near, set your feet on the necks of these kings. And they drew near and put their feet on their necks.
Joshua 10:25 – And Joshua said to them, Do not fear nor be dismayed. Be strong and of good courage. For so shall Jehovah do to all your enemies against whom you fight.

HOLY SPIRIT: With the miracle assistance of Our Father, Joshua and his army defeated the combined armies of five Amorite kings. After being defeated these five kings hid in a cave but were found by Joshua’s soldiers. Before the five kings were executed, Joshua had them lay on the ground and told five of his captains to each place a foot on the neck of one of the five kings. The PUTTING OF ONE’S FOOT ON THE NECK OF AN ENEMY WAS A SIGN the enemy was defeated. Then Joshua made a public display of the executed kings by having them hang in a tree until sunset to be seen by all who were present.

COMMENT: This statement may seem a little cruel to some people today, but it demonstrates an important spiritual principle mentioned in item one below.

Genesis 3:15 – And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; HE WILL BRUISE YOUR HEAD, and you shall bruise His heel.

This is a prophecy that Christ and His followers would be able to put afoot on the neck of Satan.

Romans 16:20 – And the God of peace shall BRUISE SATAN UNDER YOUR FEET shortly. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

In this verse Holy Spirit encourages Born Again Christians by telling us that we can crush Satan under our feet.

Then Holy Spirit stated the following procedure as a possible way to be used by a person who has enough faith to overcome a habit of smoking.

1. When Joshua had the five enemy kings taken from the cave displayed in a tree after being executed, the event became a public matter. A person needs to go public about his or her intention to quite smoking. A person should announce to one’s family and one’s Church family that he or she is going to quite smoking and ask for prayer support for this endeavor. Progress reports should be made.

2. Remove all but one pack of cigarettes, ash trays and scent of cigarettes from one’s house. The one quitting smoking should place his or her last pack of cigarettes on the floor, and crash it with one foot while saying, “Cigarettes, I have been your slave long enough, now I am destroying you. Cigarette habit, you are now my slave and under my command. With the power of Holy Spirit I am going to control you.”

3. A three day water fast is a good way to cleanse one’s body of nicotine.

4. A psychology professor in seminary taught that seventy-five percent of the smoking habit is a muscle habit of the mouth muscles used when nursing as a baby or drinking coffee as an adult. Exercise these muscles by chewing gum or sucking on hard candy.

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