The wonder working God has performed yet another miracle which makes us to praise Him even more. This sister was suffering from a particular kind of headache since 1.5 years. She did not know what to do. When the doctor examined her, he told that she needs to get a scan done because there might be some problem with the brain. Fear took over her when she heard this. However, she demonstrated her faith by going to church where Pastor Paul Silway prayed for the problem.

And, the very next day she was healed! What looked like a never-ending health issue was resolved there and there. What’s more miraculous is that she was carrying her little daughter with her when Pastor was praying, and when he looked at her, he prayed for her too without the mother asking for it. Pastor knew there was some problem with the child too, and later it was found that she had mums. Thankfully, the child is healed.

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