Many times people have come before me in a prayer line, wanting me to pray for them. Even before I uttered any words of prayer, the person/s fell to the floor under the power of Holy Spirit and they were healed.

HOLY SPIRIT: Do you see any ministering guideline to follow in this incident?

ME: Yes, I do. I realize now that this healing is totally the work of Our Father. Evidently, what happens in such an event is that Our Father chooses to heal a person through the one who is praying rather than through a doctor.

HOLY SPIRIT: There is a type of temptation that Satan uses of which I (HS) want to alert you. Sometimes, when a person begins to pray for people and healing results from the prayers, Satan tries to get that one to feel that the healing took place because of something the person praying did. Sometimes, Satan will try to get the person to feel that he or she is some type of a SPECIAL CHRISTIAN WITH A SPECIAL GIFT because a healing takes place when the person prays. This is a temptation to resist.

When Born Again Christians are praying for the healing of other people, the Gift of Faith becomes the instrument through which the power of Our Father goes to the one being healed. Electricity flowing through an electric wire is a good parable example. You Born Again Christians are not to take any of the glory when healing takes place. This diminishes the value of the Gift of Faith.

FIRST OF ALL, you are to live a holy life.

SECONDLY, when a healing takes place when you pray, you are to realize that somehow through your commitment to Our Father, He was able to have you in the right place at the right time for the healing to take place.

In Preparation for this Report, Holy Spirit Led Me to Following Scripture

Romans 4:19 – And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body already dead (being about a hundred years old) or the deadening of Sarah’s womb.

Romans 4:20 – He did not stagger at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to God,

Romans 4:21 – and being fully persuaded that what God had promised, He was also able to perform.

HOLY SPIRIT: This was at a time in the lives of Patriarch Abraham and his wife that they needed a miracle. They were both too old physically to produce or beget together a son Our Father promised. Patriarch Abraham knew that his own abilities as they were would have nothing to do with such a son being born. What did he do? He gave the glory to Our Father.

How did Patriarch Abraham Give Glory to Our Father?

HOLY SPIRIT: The reason Patriarch Abraham believed that a son was going to be born was because of the Promises or Word of Our Father. Paul, if you really believe that when a healing takes place when you pray that it happens because of the Promises and Word of Our Father, you will not take any of the glory of the healing for yourself.

Again I (HS) say that this is very important to understand for when people pray for healing of others and when the healing takes place, Satan will always begin to tempt the one who does the praying. Satan will try to get that person to begin to believe that he or she has some SPECIAL IMPORTANCE in the mind of Our Father because the healing took place, or Satan will try to get the person to feel that he or she has SOME SPECIAL TYPE OF GIFT. In this way, Satan tries to get people to misuse the Gift of Faith.

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