(1) There are TWO BELIEF SYSTEMS in the world.

  • RELIGION BASED (which is man’s doing) to earn God’s blessing
  • RELATIONSHIP BASED (which is God’s doing) freely given by grace based on God’s love for us.

(2) All are Religion based except Christianity which is grace based. By grace God gives us His life so that we become children of God. This is a relationship where God becomes Our Father and we become His children. This is a family matter.

(3) Religion based belief system depends on man’s performance, goodness, righteous deeds as a means to reach God. Every religion falls in this category with slight additions or deletions.

(4) Another is Christianity which is based on relationship. This requires LIFE to be born in God’s family. This is not dependent on man’s ability. This is purely God’s grace independent of man’s merits. It just requires faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, whom God sent to be the Savior of the world.

(5) So one is Man’s doing; another is God’s doing. One is perfect (God’s work) another is imperfect (Man’s work).

(6) Religion is man-made to reach God based on our performance/good works, but relationship is God reaching Man independent of your good works.

(7) Relationship comes by God’s grace where none can boast. Religion comes by man’s doing and so man can boast.

(8) Religion is tiresome, hard and fearful, because you have to perform all those rites, rituals, sacrifices to get something from God. This shows that God is not merciful and gracious in his giving. He gives nothing free. He is the same like the employer who pays wages based on works.

(9) Relationship is based on grace which is a free gift to all those who believe in Jesus. We receive based on relationship as His child, as an earthly child receives based on relationship. He does not have to work to get anything. He is not a servant, but a son.

(10) You don’t need religion to be born in a natural family. In the same way you cannot be born by religion into God’s spiritual family. Many don’t understand Christianity because it’s a relationship, not religion though it has religion of good works, but only after one receives the good life of Jesus.

Look at these people – How much they have to get pain and suffering to PLEASE GOD. The Bible speaks of grace without works. Grace only requires faith, while religion requires works. Remember these are the two that divide all the people of the worlds’ belief system:

  • Grace requires faith without works and
  • Religion requires works without faith

Which is easier and which gives glory to God? Religion based on your hard work or relationship without your works based on grace. By works you can boast of your self-effort but by grace you can boast only about God who gave you free though you don’t deserve. So works takes glory to self while grace gives God the Glory!

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