Holy Spirit is going to give us a very interesting teaching about something that happened when around one third of the angels experienced before the creation of our universe. Holy Spirit has two portraits for this teaching.

PORTRAIT 1: There was a ski lodge building with a great amount of snow on the roof. Someone said, “If we do not get the snow off the roof, it will cave in.” The snow was shining significantly bright. The snow represents some of the qualities of our Father/Christ/Holy Spirit.

HOLY SPIRIT: The building represents a Born Again Christian who lets personal pride take over their life. The great amount of snow on the roof represents the grace of Our Father. Even though there is an abundant amount of our Father’s grace in the life of a person, if they permit PERSONAL PRIDE to take over, they will collapse or fall.

PORTRAIT 2: There was a tall skyscraper type building being dynamited. The building fell in an INWARD DIRECTION and made a pile of rubble where the building used to stand.

HOLY SPIRIT: You know the process. The experts arrange the dynamite so that when it explodes, the interior of the building explodes first. The result is that the building collapses in an inward direction.

Too much personal pride can cause a person’s life to collapse inwardly. When this happens, all of their life will collapse or fall. Born Again Christians should be aware of this possibility.

Following the lead of a prominent angel in Heaven (Lucifer), this happened to one third of the angels before our Father created your universe. Though they once enjoyed the blessings of Heaven, our Father cast them out of Heaven and they became what you refer to as FALLEN ANGELS.

For this report, Holy Spirit led me to the very familiar passage of the scripture of Proverbs 16:18 – Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit (ego, arrogance, and lifted up) before a fall. The word fall means to stumble.

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