Ignore them. Satan wants your attention, so that he can defile you when you are hurt and when you respond with hate, bitterness and negative emotions. Satan wants to keep you distressed which makes you an easy target of the devil. The greatest response to trolls is to ignore them and keep stating the truth in love. Truth has power and lies has no power. When you put faith on Truth, it releases God’s power and when you put your faith in the lies, it releases Satan’s power. God’s power is to bless you and Satan power is to curse you.

(1) Don’t fear people of hate. They speak the devil’s language, because the devil’s approach is based on the negative quality that man holds and one of them is hate.

(2) Hate is the landing ground for the devil to work in their life. Satan can deceive these people very easily and can get HIS job done through their life. Though they may be giving abusive language or hate words on social media against all those who speak good language, but they don’t know that they are manipulated and used by the devil to spread his (devil’s) way of life and living.

(3) They are easy targets for the devil. He can very easily play in their minds and get his (Satan’s) plans and purposes done through them. They may think that they are profiting themselves or for the Kingdom of God, but they are deceived as they are profiting the kingdom of darkness with Satan and demons. Many do not know that they are ignorantly working for the devil. As Saul who was later named Paul thought he was working for God, when he was persecuting and putting to death many Christians. Only when he encountered the Living Truth (Lord Jesus Christ) he saw by the way of Divine light that he was living in lies and deception and he was set free.

Only Jesus cam set anyone free from Darkness as He is the Light and came as the Light of the WORLD. The Christian way of living is LIFE not DEATH. Satan’s proposes death as the way of living. To kill self and kill others by adding – for the sake of religion or god which makes it easy and gives them boldness to do such acts of evil. They think that if this is the suggestion of God, then who cares, let’s do evil that we may be recognized by God and be in His favor.

(4) Many do not know who is God and who is the devil. Common sense will tell you that deeds of evil are of the nature of the devil. Deeds of good is the nature of God. By the fruits in your life you know whom you serve. Why don’t people recognize that sin is not of or from God? Because they are deceived by the devil and the irony is that the deceived do not know they are deceived or are in deception. If they would have known, they would not have remained deceived.

(5) How will they know that they are living in deception?

Only God’s Word which is Truth can expose the dark ways of the devil and free them from deception. But when Christians speak the truth in love from the Bible, the devil hates it and influences them powerfully to resist the truth with hate messages to hurt those who speak the truth in love. Even Jesus who was the only One without sin among all the people who have ever been born from the seed of the first Man, Adam was hated without a cause and they killed Him.

Behind the haters and killers was Satan who influenced people to put Him to death because Satan knew why Jesus came. Jesus came to deliver people from all communities from the bondage of sin and Satan and give them Heaven life for He is the ONLY One who came down from Heaven. Satan hates God and human beings because they are made in the image of God.

(6) Satan influences the Person of hate to persecute and kill those who speak the truth in love. The reason the devil does this is because he knows that once the person who hears the truth starts to accept and believe in the Truth, he/she will be free from Satan’s domain and Satan will be weakened in his advances towards them. Moreover, Satan and his demons cannot use them the way he could use them freely for his plans to happen on this earth because of the truth that surrounds them. Truth is God’s power to release anyone from demonic bondage. This TRUTH is God’s Word – The Bible

(7) Satan will have to fight much to advance his working in their lives. As he does not want his fencing to be broken by the knowledge of the truth. Truth is living and alive, for Truth means reality which is also JESUS. Jesus said in

John 14:6 – I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, no man can come to the Father but by Me.

(8) Christians must continue to speak the truth in love. Haters will hate you because they are influenced by the devil and if they continue with hate, very soon they will come under heavy influence of the devil which will later convert into demonic bondage and oppression.

(9) Recovery of these people will take time as they have to know the truth and continue in the truth to be made totally free. The deeper you enter into the demonic domain the longer time it will take for you to come out. It’s not because God cannot do the work at once, but because His power is based on our belief or faith. We take time to believe and as you continue on the way to believing you will be totally free.

(10) Many come and share with me their problems. It’s like a list of their problems they are going through in life. But I tell them I don’t need to hear all your problems for it could run into pages and if everyone takes so much time to speak to me of all their problems, I will have no time for myself. I tell them – For all your problem the answer or solution is Jesus. When Jesus comes into you life you become the solution not the problem. But if you are not taught properly you may still look at yourself as a problem instead of a solution.

If they think they have a problem or they are a problem then they will always look to someone to free them and they will always have a problem, and the problem will never leave their door-step. See yourself as a solution. Remember you or your self is not a solution, but your solution is Jesus living in you – The Lord of your life.

(11) When are we going to help others? The more you think of others rather than yourself you will be free form your own problems. As you minister to others you receive ministry from Heaven. Jesus said I have come to minister or to serve rather than to be served. If you change your mind-set from receiving to giving, you will open up the doors of Heaven for your life and others and you will become a channel of blessing to yourself, your family and others.

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