Christ Our Lord told the story about the younger of two sons, a man who asked for his inheritance while he was yet young. Then the young man left home and wasted his money on riotous living. Eventually all the young man could find to do was to take care of some hogs for a farmer. The young man even ate some of the com husks for food. As the young man began to realize that the servants of his father were living better than he was, he decided to go home and ask to be a servant.

HOLY SPIRIT: One of the main teachings of this parable is that it explains the type of love Our Father has for people who are sinners, yet it also states a quality for compassion that the father in the parable had for his rebellious son. This explains a quality of compassion Born Again Christians should have functioning in their lives. What kind of appearance did the son have when he arrived back home?

ME: His face was dirty, his clothes ragged and dirty, and he looked like he was starving.

HOLY SPIRIT: The father saw his son coming home when he was still a long way from the house. What did the father do?

ME: He ran to meet his son, put his arms around him, kissed him, and welcomed him.

HOLY SPIRIT: Christ Your Lord designed this parable very precisely. The father of course saw the appearance of his wayward son, but that was not his basic concern. The father knew that this was his son, he knew the real qualities in his son, and he wanted his son to know that as his father he loved his son. The father knew the real qualities of his son and that was his only real interest. This expresses an important quality of compassion that is important for each and every Born Again Christian to understand.

The appearance of the wayward son as he came home also can represent several types of people that are living on Planet Earth. For examples, there are people that have drug addictions, AIDS, and other sexual diseases. The normal human impulse is for one who does not have any such problems to draw back and keep a safe distance away if one comes in contact with such a person.

I (HS) know that people in different parts of Planet Earth come in contact with such people that 1 (HS) am talking about to a varying degree. In other words, some have more contacts than others. Yet, the principle of compassion is the same. Compassion does not draw back from another person because of the appearance of the person or because one knows what disease the other person has.

Even though Our Father wants all Born Again Christians to use some good common sense when it comes to ministering to people with diseases, the quality of compassion does not draw back when it is functioning. Compassion always moves forward with the goal of finding a way to minister to those who are in need or receiving ministry.

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