HOLY SPIRIT: Greetings Paul Silway. It’s nice to be talking with you on this day that you are counting your blessings. I know that you consider your wife to be one of the most important blessings that Our Father has given you. Do you know when Our Father assigned Angels to both of you?

ME: Greetings, Holy Spirit. Yes you already told me that and I have written a message on that.

HOLY SPIRIT: Your wife and you were married on January 7, 1991 and celebrated your twenty-seventh wedding anniversary. Now, let Me (HS) share something about Our Father’s compassionate heart for married couples:

  • Our Father has a lot of compassion for the problems that some married couples are having.
  • Our Father has a lot of compassion for abused wives and abused husbands.
  • Our Father has a lot of compassion for couples that divorce.
  • Our Father has a lot of compassion for divorced people that marry again, but not their previous mate.
  • Our Father has a lot of compassion for a man and woman who are only enduring each other in a marriage relationship because they feel it is a sin to get a divorce.
  • Our Father even had a lot of compassion for the patriarchs in Old Testament times that had more than one wife and even some of them had concubines.

Though Our Father has a lot of compassion for married couples who do not seem to be able to live together in peace and happiness, Our Father has not changed His mind about His plan for marriage. As you know, Our Father’s plan is that ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN leave the home of their childhood, become married as husband and wife, and remain married forever. Though our Father assigns Angels to give more encouragement to your wife and you to enjoy your lives together, I (HS) would like to share a mystery that I (HS) would like you and other born again Christians to know.

Our Father assigns additional Angels as a reward to married couples for being faithfully married for fifty years. This is evidence of how important Our Father feels that it is, for a man and woman to be faithful to each other in a marriage relationship. In fact, Our Father gives ALL married couples that are Born Again Christians two more angels on their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

This is a word of prophecy to all married couples that are Born Again Christians. Our Father will give them two extra angels to bless them beginning with their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

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