Many pastors and leaders are trying to make a name for themselves. Their names are more important than the Name of the Lord. The Lord is saying that you need to give up your name in order to take My Name.


Your identity. The Lord Jesus says that if you are going to take My Name, you must give up your name first. For remember at my Name, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

Many Christian leaders have elevated their names above His Name. Loose your name, never exalt your name above the Lord Himself. You must not be interested in making your name for this is the Babylonian spirit that tries to exalt itself and make a name.


Philippians 2:6 – Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God,

Jesus, Being in the FORM of God – The word form is the Greek word ‘morphe’ which means nature or essence that does not change.


Let me use an illustration. We’re all human beings. That’s what we have in common. Some of us are young; some of us are older. Some of us are black-haired, some fair-haired; some grey-haired. Some of us are more clever than others; some of us are more well-to-do than others. Some of us have more difficult jobs than others. But, now, the thing which we all have in common is that WE’RE ALL HUMAN BEINGS. That is our morphe. Now, everything else about us is changing. But the unchanging fact is our HUMANITY. Now then, that is our morphe; that is our form. God has given to us all the form of a man, or, men and women.

Now, the form of Christ, we are told in text above, is that He is God. Jesus is not only the Son of God, but He is God the Son. That is what is essential to Christ: He is God: inherently, eternally, unchangeably; that is what He is. Then it says, it would not have been an exaggeration for Him to say that He is God. He had a Name which is above every name, yet He let go off His reputation and He did not hold it or protect it. The way in which He humbled Himself is in that He made Himself NOTHING. That would be the best way to put it. When He came into this world He made Himself nothing.


Philippians 2:7 – But made HIMSELF OF NO REPUTATION, and took upon Himself the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.

What a blessed and holy text. Though Being the very nature and essence of God. He left that reputation. Though Jesus while on Planet Earth was very famous for a large crowd would always follow Him wherever He went. Yet, He never took credit for the crowd. The verse above says, that Christ made himself of NO REPUTATION. The word reputation also means a good name, or what others expect out of you.


The high opinion that people have about you, or how much respect and admiration you receive speaks of your good reputation. Maybe you have earned/ established/ gained/ acquired a great reputation as a pastor or a leader. You have a good name or reputation of a pastor having the largest church. I know reputation is valuable for everyone for it exalts your name and fame. You are recognized and given the highest honor on earth. You are given the highest place or seat of honor wherever you go. You are always the centre stage for everyone. Maybe you think yourself as privileged or the devil could throw in a temptation that you are superior to others.

You would do everything to maintain that name, that reputation. And in order to further exalt your name more higher you give extra designations as DR. Pastor so and so or Reverend Pastor so and so. If you are a pastor having a large congregation you take extra care to keep up that name, being always in good books and appointing buffers so that your name is not damaged at the cost of the buffers. They become the targets but your name is held high.

When Jesus became “popular” He would leave, for the crowds were focused on the physical needs instead of the spiritual relationship with God. When the crowd wanted to crown him king, He quietly left them and went to pray.

Are you willing to let go off your reputation or your name. Are you fighting to keep your name and reputation high. Are you frightened that your name and reputation does not get damaged. Are your supporters and well-wishers, your staff doing everything to keep up your reputation and name at the cost of kingdom losses.


You know there are three levels in Heaven which is Our Father’s home (though there could be more than three). There is outer/paradise or the realm of the least, where baby Christians live, who just got saved and did nothing for the Lord. They are in that place and it’s a wonderful place with the Glory of God and they wear gowns.

Then, there is the second realm which is more glorious than the first one. Here are the Christians who fought the good fight of faith, by crucifying the desires of their flesh and served the Lord with commitment and faithfulness. They have different colorful robes. The greatest asset in the Kingdom of God is how close you resemble Christ-likeness!

Then, there is the third which is close to Our Father’s throne. This is for those who have walked closely like Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul and several others. The Glory that shines on their faces are the same glory of Jesus. They are going to reign and rule with Christ. Those close to the throne room can enter any realm (second and third) but the third cannot enter the second and first. But the second can enter the third, but not the first. This is the privilege for all the saints according to their positions. Once you leave the earth your positions are set for ever.

A Man of God says that he saw many preachers in the paradise level, because they cared for their name more than the Name of Jesus. All the while they kept their reputation in whatever they did for the Lord, it was in accordance with their reputation. They always made themselves known, so that their name was always exalted higher than the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. There were many saints whose names did not appear anywhere on Planet Earth, who were faithfully serving the Lord without bothering about their reputation. Many of them gave their reputation for the Lord’s sake and became as nobody’s. These were found in this realm which is close to Our Father’s throne! Amen.

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