(1) Jesus did not come to establish any religion. You cannot put Christianity with religions of the world. You cannot say I will choose out of many religions, Christianity.

(2) Jesus was never found by any religious people, nor was His birth by angel’s announced to any religious people, but to common shepherds.

(3) He was not even followed by religious people of His day, but common fisherman followed Him and became His disciples. Some were fishing in the sea, others were mending their nets—they were unlearned people, but they followed Jesus.

(4) You see, the birth of Christ, the finding of Christ, the introducing of Christ, and the following of Christ were entirely apart from religion.

(5) Jesus moved with common people who needed help. He did not move with the religious people, because they did not need him.

(6) Religion has its own rules – do these rituals to come to God, serve God to get something from God. But the Lord comes to seek and save those who are lost. You don’t need religion to come to Jesus.

Matt 11: 23 – Jesus said, Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. He didn’t come to add your burden, but to set you free and give you rest.

(7) You don’t need any formality to come to Jesus. He loves you exceedingly. Drop all your rituals and formalities and come to Jesus. Religion always puts a yoke of burden on the people. You have to come this way or that way, do this ritual and that ritual. Only the priests are allowed to come to God with certain regulations.

(8) The religious leaders were so religious during Jesus times that they would tell the people – don’t come on this day for healing, come on another day. These religious people could not help them, but only burden them with religion.

Matt 12:10 – In the synagogue there a man with a withered hand. The religious leaders knew that Jesus wanted to heal him. So they asked, Is it right to heal on the Sabbath? They considered healing as work, so he should not heal the man. They were ready to pull out ONE sheep of the many they had from the pit, but would not allow a man to be healed because of religious regulations. In God’s sight, man is worth more than sheep, so Christ did not hesitate to do good by healing on the Sabbath day.

(9) They did not care for the withered hand. They said, let him observe all the rituals with the withered hand. But Jesus said, I care for that person and he healed him. We see mostly old people follow religion and keep all the rites and rituals. But, today even the young are coming to Jesus.

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