(1) Those who are born in this nation love this great nation of India. I don’t understand why do we treat any others apart from Hindus as enemies of India.

(2) I am a Christian and I love my nation very much. I pray for it daily. As long as we are alive we will love our nation and we love all the people of our nation.

(3) Once we leave this nation we are separated from this nation forever. No one comes back again or no one can come back again, having lost our body on this earth.

(4) That is the finality of every person. We don’t own any land not even a millimeter of land, nor we own the name of our land. When we die we are disconnected from everything that is of physical or material realm. So why do we fight and kill one another even in the name of god or religion.

(5) We need to live and let others live. No one is the owner of this land or nation except God the Almighty who alone is the Creator. Politicians or leader’s must not bring hate, division and violence. This is not a good sign for our beautiful nation.

(6) Other nations of the world especially the enemy nations may take advantage of this inner fighting. The governments duty is to keep our nation united so that our nation is strengthened.

(7) Unity is strength, but they are doing the policy of divide and rule which will not help our nation but destroy it. I want to talk about the common people. They are so harassed, living in troubled times, managing two ends meet with their meager salary, that they have no time for all this. I know how much they are struggling to take care of their family, their wife, children, parents and others.

(8) Common people are busy in their day to day needs, earning to keep the family going. They are not interested in any politics game of hate and division. They have no time for all this.

(9) Remember our life is very short and as along as we live on this Planet earth, we can say – this is my house, my car, my wife, my husband, my property, my community and my nation. But what happens when we die, everything is stripped away from us. What we call Mother earth, takes away everything from us when we depart. It does not show any compassion for anyone. You may have worked for it, built up empires on this earth and gave your life for it, but it does not spare anyone, it takes away everything and sends each one empty handed. You never come back again to enjoy the fruits of your hands.

(10) So, as long as we are alive let everyone enjoy living together, for we brought nothing in this world and we are taking nothing away with us. This is the reality.

(11) Stop this in-fighting and start respecting everyone and live in peace and harmony with everyone. Much of your life is gone just enduring and fighting instead of enjoying. Let proper sense prevail is my humble request. God Bless India. Long live India.

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