(1) Hell is real which is a place of torments forever. Anyone who goes there can never return. These are the eternal truths of the Bible. These must be preached, but Holy Spirit let me know that even when you preach that way, always add the way of escape which is Jesus. Otherwise you will leave them in condemnation and no hope.

(2) Jesus came to give us eternal hope and no fear of hell and judgment as He Himself became sin and curse for us and took our condemnation that we may live free from condemnation, fear and guilt. God is for us not against us as some think that he is just waiting to send us to hell.

(3) After Jesus finished His work on the cross which he did for every person on Planet Earth, there is no bad news for mankind. He has paid it all for every person before they asked them whether they are worthy or not. What is that? It’s called grace without merit or worthiness.

(4) If you are worthy you don’t need Jesus and God does not accept anyone without Jesus for He is the Way the Truth and Life. It’s a dishonor to come to God apart from Jesus based on our own works and performance. This is self-righteous attitude the religious leader’s had during Jesus time which Jesus rejected them and rebuked them.

(5) Now let me also say this and some of you may not like this, but it’s true. Sin isn’t a problem with God anymore. It’s the church that has made it a major deal. Neither past, present, nor future sins can separate you from God. The only people who will go to hell are those who have spurned and rejected the greatest sacrifice that has ever been made. In heaven, you won’t answer for your sin; Jesus already has. You will answer for your ACCEPTANCE OR REJECTION of Jesus.

(6) You might now be thinking, You’re just giving people a license to sin. Well, it seems to me that people are doing a pretty good job of that without a license. What I’m saying will not free you to sin; it will free you from the condemnation and the guilt that comes when you do sin.

(7) To continue in sin is just stupid. You’ll be opening the door for Satan to have an inroad into your life (Rom. 6:16). If you do, then you will suffer the natural consequences of sin, but it will not be because of the judgment of God. If you commit adultery, you will probably lose your family, but it was you who caused it, not God.

(8) Now we have only good news to share. The word GOSPEL means good news, and it’s not good news to tell people that they are going to hell. However, there is a hell for those who don’t accept God’s offer of grace, and I believe it’s important for people to understand this.

(9) I don’t believe the doctrine of “ultimate reconciliation,” or “universalism,” that has crept into the body of Christ today. This doctrine teaches that God will ultimately reconcile everyone to Himself, even the devil and those in hell. Some variations of this say that hell is only a state of mind and not a real place or that those in hell will only suffer punishment for a limited time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

(10) I have mentioned hell many times in my messages, but I have never taught a whole message on hell. I certainly believe it exists and have mentioned it, but I have never taught on hell.

(11) I’m always emphasizing the unconditional love and grace of God. I make no apologies for that. That’s what changed my life. I’m excited about God’s love for me. But understanding the justice and wrath of God against sin makes me appreciate my salvation even more. Trivializing sin blocks us from receiving a full revelation of God’s love (Luke 7:47).

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