(1) On the eve of Jesus’ death that He instituted a significant new fellowship meal that we observe to this day. It is an integral part of Christian worship.

(2) It causes us to remember our Lord’s death and resurrection and to look for His glorious return in the future.

(3) Many Christians have been partaking of the Holy Communion for years without receiving any good health. It’s not because God hinders, it’s because of your lack of right knowledge that hinders or builds a wall restricting His grace blessings to flow in your life. Let’s not think that eating the Lord’s Supper makes you whole, but knowing the reality of the cross and resurrection or the message of the cross you are whole. In commemoration of that healing, that came to you based on your believing in Jesus as your Lord and Savior you partake in the Holy Communion by faith.

(4) This divine faith comes from the revelational knowledge of the cross and resurrection event. It won’t do you any good if you do not know the cross and resurrection event. It’s not a “prasad” which contains some power or blessing that you can have without knowing the reality. Prasad also called prasada or prasadam is substance of food that is offered to God by the people and later shared among devotees.

(5) This bread that you eat has nothing to do with us. It is not that we bring it to God and then He gives what we brought. No. It’s God who brought that offering for us and gives us freely without our participation in it. It speaks of His death and resurrection. We can never cause that to happen. You cannot add to His work. Keep it separate and sanctified or you will lose focus or remove your focus from Him to yourself and start boasting. Or you may even try to put God under obligation and murmur and complain if you don’t see health and healing.

(6) It was purely His work that brought blessing and healing. He is not calling us to help Him in His work. That is sinless work, we cannot add our sin to His Holy Work. Let all Glory go to Him alone. We can only thank Him for what he has done for us independent of our works or worthiness.

(7) When our focus is totally on Him we benefit. The grace door is open now because of the cross and resurrection event. Once it’s open, no man can shut it. But then why don’t we receive. It’s because you don’t discern the Lord’s body properly. It’s not your doing but discerning His body, knowing His Word according to Him, not based on your own opinions that you are blessed.

(8) All things become possible when you know and believe. Right believing is opening your heart to receive. Don’t hinder God’s grace, do not frustrate God’s grace. Let it flow. He never stops it, it’s we who hinder the flow of free grace into our lives. When you look to yourself you stop grace flowing into your life. Turn to Jesus and let it flow. It’s free, for Jesus is grace!

(9) I know many Christians have been partaking of the Holy Communion for years without receiving any good health.

(10) Every time they come to the Communion table thinking and wishing that God would be merciful to heal them at least now. They keep waiting when God would extend His mercy towards them, as if He has not yet finished His work. But the Bible says that Jesus finished all the work for us to be blessed, before we were born or even knew about it or asked about it. He knew our sins and it’s consequences and paid for it without asking us. We didn’t add anything to the cross work nor can we add anything. It was a perfect, holy and righteous work that none could do now or in the future.

(11) You were already healed when Jesus finished His work on the cross and the moment you believed in Jesus that healing is yours. Now by partaking of the Holy Communion you are showing your faith in action that you believe that it was the breaking of body and shedding of His blood that brought salvation -which includes, healing blessing etc.

To be continued…

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