(1) If there is envy and strife you open up doors for the devil who can bring in all kinds of evil and confusion. If there is envy and strife among married couples you have opened the door for the devil in your family. Are you angry and bitter at someone, then the enemy (Satan) is just waiting to enter.

For where there is ENVY and STRIFE, there is confusion and every evil work.” (James 3:16)

(2) Many are barren and suffering from family crisis because of lack of right knowledge of God’s Word. It’s not because you are bad but you are not operating according to the right knowledge of God’s Word.

(3) Many want healing, but they do not want to hear the right Word of God to solve issues that pertain to their heart that hinders divine health. They think all that needs to be done is that a pastor should pray for them, while they keep the doors open for the devil. You need to shut the door of evil by the knowledge of God’s Word. God wont do that for you. YOU have to do it yourself by the knowledge of God’s Word which gives you divine faith.

(4) Don’t go to church just to be blessed or healed, but to hear God’s Word and get healed. The Bible says – God sent His Word and healed them. God wants that you get healed by the right knowledge of God’s Word.

(5) The devil can steal anything that you receive by faith if you don’t have faith to keep it.


Satan knows that envy and strife destroy relationships and long-term friendships. He knows if he can create envy and strife between you and the ones you love, he can ruin those special relationships that God intended to be a blessing in your life. Do you have any relationships in your life right now that are under this kind of demonic attack. YOU NEED DELIVERANCE

Are you sick?

Sin causes wounds and these block healing until they are dealt with. Even mainstream doctors will sometimes admit that resentment, bitterness, fear, etc contribute to disease. Sin and trauma in life must be repented of and the blood of Jesus will erase it

God heals by His Word. His Word has healing quality. Only those who KNOW and then put their faith will receive healing. The Bible says – God sent His Word and healed them and blessed them.

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