Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!

(1) It gives me great pleasure to welcome our beloved people of this beautiful nation, INDIA.

(2) I love you all and you are all special to God and to us. We Christians love all the people of our beloved nation, India and we are all proud of you.

(3) The Bible says that God is love and He loves all of us equally, whether we are rich or poor, literate or illiterate. He loves us because He is love, not because we are lovely or deserving. Jesus came to show love not hatred. Even when people did the worst to Him, He demonstrated His love from the cross, when He forgave them. Forgiveness proceeds from love. Christian religion is all about God’s great love for mankind.

(4) Though unknowingly or ignorantly we try to merit God’s love, nevertheless God loves us. Love is a great force in the universe. It can solve all problems. If you love you won’t hate, if you love you won’t steal, if you love you won’t hurt or murder or kill. You can go on and on.

(5) If you love you will forgive. You know offences come, but we need to learn to forgive and forget. Love heals all wounds. Love is the answer to all our problems. Many are suffering and sick because in many hearts the love factor is missing. Many have mixed up love with lust, but God’s love is loving even the unlovable unconditionally. Anything lesser than this is not the religion from God.

(6) On this great and auspicious occasion, we should greet each other and pray to God for the unity, development and prosperity of our nation.

(7) Praise God that on August 15, 1947, we became a free nation. Sovereignty and the responsibility for our destiny moved from the British crown to the people of India. Now we are free to imagine and build our nation anew.

(8) For this we owe so much to the countless freedom fighters, who made great sacrifices to bring us here. Let’s not destroy by in fights based on religion for which our heroes have given their lives. It’s easy to tear down, but difficult to build and keep. Let’s be in the process of building rather than tearing for which our heroes shed their blood. We will be hourning their blood, when we respect their sentiments by loving everyone and living in peace and harmony.

(9) As India is a republic country we all have our rights to choose our leader’s who will take our country forward in every field. Our leader’s have a great responsibility of taking everyone together as a father who cares for every child in his family. The leader’s an the common man must take everyone together without any discrimination of race, religion, poor, rich, high class, lower class, middle class, illiteracy, etc.

(10) We must be compassionate and must not discriminate on gender or religious background. The leader’s and others must not put hate in the hearts of the people against one another. Hate is the ground that the devil works which brings in persecution, murder and killing. We need to shun religions that bring hate, persecution, murder and killing in the name of god or religion.

(11) God has handed over the rule to the leader’s and they are accountable of how they care for every section of our society. The government should never bring divisive politics, but must see that everyone is respected and taken care of.

(12) When there is internal unity, our country will be strengthened. Everyone who is born in our country has a moral right to love and respect our nation, India. Living in this nation which is our home land we must never speak against it.

(13) The Bible commands us to respect those who are in authority. We may have our own views and beliefs, and we may not agree on many fronts, but we cannot dis-respect any leader’s of our nation. We need to respect anyone who is in the office and pray for them.

(14) The Bible tells us to pray first of all for those in authority over us or the heads of the government and for all who are in authority. That means we are to pray for our government—for those who are in authority—from the national level down to the local level.

(15) A few of us are doing this now, but not many. If Christians were praying for our leaders, things would not be as they are in our nation.

(16) The Bible never tells us Christians to hate or speak bad about our nation we live. It’s so easy to criticize, but when we pray for our leaders and our nation, we are not so apt to criticize them. We must not pray negative prayers like bringing curse upon them or bringing sickness and disease upon them. No!

(17) The Bible says bless those who curse you and pray for those who persecute you. The one who is blessed by God can only bless not curse. God is on the side of those who bless while Satan is on the side of those who curse. Jesus took our curse and brought us blessing.

(18) Remember negative prayers, evil prayers or destruction prayers goes to the devil, not to the true and Living God who is good. Hate prayers, curse prayers, destruction prayers goes to the devil and anything going to the devil will bring his influence, causing pain, suffering and death to the one who prays this way.

(19) Many times we blame those who are in authority, but we don’t pray for them. What happens when we pray? We permit God to intervene in the lives of the people in authority so that they may have wisdom to perform well and take right decisions. Satan always wants to use the people in authority, because they are the ones who guide the nation and can either bring peace in the land or bring turmoil.

(20) Those who are born in this nation love this great nation of India. I am a Christian and I love my nation very much. I pray for it daily. As long as we are alive we will love our nation and we also love all the people of our nation.

I am very proud to be the citizen of India. I love India. Long live India. Let India become the greatest of All is my heartfelt prayer!

God bless you!

Pastor Paul Silway
(A proud citizen of India)

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