Can Satan and Demons perform miracles? What is the difference between Holy Spirit Miracles and Satan and demon miracles? Before I let Holy Spirit communicate this message to you all, let me say what Holy Spirit taught me about this subject:

If someone takes blessings from Satan knowingly or unknowingly by involving themselves in acts of Satan. Then even though that one feels blessed, what will eventually happen is the familiar plan of Satan. Satan’s plan is to bless or prosper the person for a while, but the intent of Satan is always to cause the person hurt. What will always happen is that at some point, when Satan feels he is in control enough of the person’s life, Satan will suddenly bring tremendous hurt into the person’s life. Satan is a pro at doing this.

HOLY SPIRIT: The understanding I (HS) have given you is that I (HS) am still giving these gifts to all who receive the Pentecostal experience. Our Father’s plan is that these gifts, including miracles and gifts of healing, function in the lives and ministries of His Children in the New Testament Church today for the same purposes that miracles were in the ministry of Christ Your Lord and of believers in the beginning years of the New Testament Church.

ME: Holy Spirit will teach us about the miracles that Satan and demons are doing and will do. Secondly, Holy Spirit will also teach us what kind of miracles will Satan and demons do and how to recognize them.

Matthew 24:24 – For there shall arise FALSE CHRIST’S, AND FALSE PROPHETS, and shall show GREAT SIGNS AND WONDERS: insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Revelation 16:14 – For they are the SPIRITS OF DEVILS, WORKING MIRACLES, which go forth unto the kings of the earth, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

HOLY SPIRIT: In this prophecy I (HS) had John the Revelator state that, while some people working under the influence of the spirit of Antichrist already on Planet Earth, they would be doing miracles to try to get people to worship Satan instead of Our Father/Christ Our Lord/Holy Spirit. It is important for you of the New Testament Church to continue to let Me (HS) do miracles through your lives and ministries so that people can see the difference between Holy Spirit power and spirit of Antichrist power. Let me show you the difference.

ME: This message coming shortly. Don’t miss this powerful revelation from Holy Spirit. He will take you on a journey that no man has ever gone before!

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