There is no sickness in Heaven.

(1) Many criticize Christians and make many negative comments like:

  • This is fake
  • Superstitious
  • God cannot heal
  • This is staged/drama
  • Black magic

(2) I don’t blame them, because they do not have the right knowledge of God. One thing I don’t understand is that – why can’t they think that God, Who is the Creator of the entire universe, who also created Man and Woman can’t heal their bodies, soul or spirit, when the doctors who are from God, being given the talent, can heal people with their limited knowledge. These people limit God. God is unlimited, but it’s we who limit God and that is one of the reasons, God is not able to do many things in our lives. To the measure we believe right about God, we permit God to work in our lives.

(3) Why do we think that something could be difficult for God to perform. The Bible says – For God all things are possible. Then you may say, then why is He not doing much in my life. The first reason is that – you lack right knowledge of God, which comes by God’s Word. Secondly, all things can happen by and through God, when you believe. This believing is not human faith but divine faith that comes from God’s Word. To receive healing or any blessing from God, divine faith does the work for you.

(4) Those who argue regarding God, make God very small in their lives and restrict Him to do mighty things in their lives. These people can never know God, because God cannot be understood by human/worldly knowledge. God is Spirit and can be known spiritually, not with your natural senses. That is why many uneducated people have received God easily in their life, while some very educated have not opened their hearts for God, because they base everything by their human knowledge.

If the educated ask some of these uneducated folks – how do you know God is in your heart, did you see Him. They will say, I have not seen Him, but I know that I know that God lives in me and I am saved and He loves me and He will never forsake me. It requires humility to know and understand God. The Bible says – God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

When people hear God working through me or healing people through me, the first comment they have is – Why does Pastor Paul not get everyone healed? Yes I can, but the reason I cannot is:

  • Everyone does not have divine faith in God’s Word
  • God moves in your life by faith

(5) The more faith you have the more easily, God can intervene in your life, for God is a gentleman. He wont work/intervene/enter/work in your life unless you give Him place/permission/consent. Faith in Him gives Him consent to work in your life.

(6) You see it’s not God not getting the work done in your life. It’s we who can limit God or limit God by our unbelief or our wrong thinking/views about God and Who He is.

(7) At least I heal some people, but those who pass comment cannot even do that, yet they offend those who are doing a good work. Healing is good work. Ask the sick, what they have to say. They will say, healing is a blessing and sickness is a curse.

(8) I am not doing this for name, fame or money. Healing is an extension of God’s hand to those who are needy, irrespective of their money, position or status.

(9) I believe in doctors and medicines too. The doctors are a talent/gift given by God. Even the doctor’s understand that. Don’t they say after a surgery that “I have done my best and now look to God for a miracle or pray to God for a miracle.”

(10) Those who mock and offend those who pray for healing are actually shutting the door of their heart to receive anything good from God. It’s a sad thing. When they may need a miracle/healing for their own selves or their loved ones, because of their unbelief, they have closed their heart and God won’t be able to help them at all.

Your believing in the truth opens the door for blessing and your unbelieving in the truth closes the door for your blessing. many are busy opening the door of their heart for the wrong/bad things & close their heart for good/right things. You choose for yourself, what you need – Life of death blessing or curse. It’s never God. God never makes a choice for you. You make the choices, because we have been given free will.

(11) Do not stop God doing a blessed work in your life. There are some work that only God can do in your life. Of course even those other small/minor things that people do are an indirect help from God, because He is behind all good things/work as He loves all mankind.

(12) Praying/asking God to heal you is not witchcraft. It can be witchcraft if someone prays that their enemy die in sickness/accidents or disease or if someone puts a curse or prays for a curse to manifest in someone’s life. That kind of prayer does not go to the true and the Living God. That is answered by the devil who comes in the form of God. God is a good God.

The Bible says in Acts 10:38 that Jesus WENT ABOUT DOING GOOD and HEALING all those who were oppressed by the devil.

(13) In one sense sickness is demonic oppression. God did not bring in sickness or disease on mankind. Then why would He heal. God is in the healing business not in sickness business. Sickness came due to sin. Satan took advantage of man’s sin which gave him permission to oppress mankind, but God in His goodness and love sent Jesus to pay for the sin of mankind, so that man become free from every oppression put by the devil.

If you reject the ONE who came to give life, we cannot have this eternal life from any other source. Jesus said – I am Life and he that has Me has life eternal. This eternal life came from Heaven. It’s a gift from God to ALL THOSE WHO BELIEVE. It’s not given to the best bidder. It’s given to ANYONE who believes in Jesus. This is heaven life and none can go to heaven without this heaven life. We all have natural life, which permits us to live on this natural/physical world, but unless and until we have spiritual life we cannot see or enter heaven.

(14) Lastly my dear friends, God loves you the way you are. You cannot make Him love your more or less, for God is love not God has love. His love does not change or become less, neither does He quit loving you. But you need to accept His love for love to manifest in your life. When everyone has His life, there will be peace and love for one another. Only God kind of love can solve mankind’s problem. A person who has hate does not have God’s love abiding in him/her. God is love and Satan is hate. Choose Jesus choose love.

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