(1) Our Father wants His children to know this: “Don’t you ever say, somebody went to Hell.” Because even if you never saw them accept Jesus, you don’t know what went on in the spirit realm, you don’t know what went on before that very second of death if Jesus presented Himself to them, because of family members and people standing on the Word of God which says:

“And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved, and thy house” (Acts 16:31).

(2) When anyone stands on this promise, God won’t let it return to Him void. They still have to make that choice, but if someone is standing on that Word, God has to do something. He can’t let it return to Him void.

(3) So don’t give up, even if they’re in prison, even if they have committed or committing crimes. Don’t stop declaring that they will be saved and know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Declare that they won’t miss their destiny.

(4) Many have taken this verse as a promise that God will save everyone in their family. And I’m sure that God has made it good to a great number of people that have approached it that way. A man who had two or three sons and, no one thought that they would ever get saved, but they did. It was actually a very wonderful thing when they did. He held on to this verse of Scripture. You too can hold on to it, and believe when you are faithfully serving the Lord. It’s quite obvious that they would have to trust the Lord Jesus Christ before they could be saved.
Paul said to the Philippian jailer, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved, and thy house if they believe on the Lord Jesus Christ they’ll be saved also.”

(5) It will make believing easier because you are praying for them. Praying can remove any spiritual obstacles that Satan puts on their way to believe. Every deception and lies of the devil can be broken so that it becomes easy for them to believe.

(6) If you want to move Heaven, then you need to pray for someone to be saved. You start witnessing here on earth and there in Heaven they’ll start celebrating. It is an amazing thing that happens in Heaven.

(7) You may be the only reason someone gets into Heaven. Don’t you ever stop standing for your family members. Don’t ever stop praying. No matter how bad they are, how far they’re running.

(8) His Word says that if you love Me and serve Me, you and you household will be saved…not maybe!” But you have to stand on that. The most important thing after praying is that you can’t talk about them bad after you’ve made that declaration.

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