God is good all the time, so He is the healer. Healing is good. Ask the sick people they will say – sickness is a curse & healing is a blessing. Why do you side the devil who through sin has brought sickness, disease, curse & death. Why not side God’s goodness which is healing. The danger here is that God can work only through those people who can believe in the God of healing, for believing opens your heart to receive.

Unbelief, doubt, lack of right knowledge of God closes your heart towards God. Healing shows God’s love for mankind. Christians are not cheating anyone. We just pray for healing. Some people do not receive immediately & some do receive instantly, which is a MIRACLE; while others have started the healing process which is called healing. Healing takes time but it has begun & if you keep believing healing will keep working. If you stop believing & hear unbelief from people healing stops it’s process.

My dear friends people are suffering from various sickness & they want to be free. Christians pray for everyone to be healed. We don’t pray for healing that they may convert into Christianity because God has given man a free-will & He will never force anyone to accept Him. He is a righteous God. Who wants a forced relationship or fellowship. You can tell a parrot/dog to say – I love you by putting fear of punishment & it could just repeat, but does that mean it really loves you. No. You can beat your child & force him to say that he loves you, but in your heart you know he does not, but out of fear. Is this true/right relationship. No.

So stop saying Christians convert & moreover Christianity is not a religion but a relationship based on heart transformation not external transformation. If your belief cannot do something good leave to others who at least are doing good. There are babas who tell you to do rituals, sacrifices to get them healed. We do not tell them to do anything, we just pray for them. Is praying wrong. What is the use of prayer if prayer cannot help you. Do we pray just to pray or do we pray for results.


Christians believe in doctors, they are God’s helping hand for those who cannot believe in the supernatural & who need healing. God has given the doctor’s talents for healing. Doctor’s are from God. In some way or the other those who do good are acting according to the character of God. Those who kill steal & destroy are acting according the character of the devil. If someone is doing good let them do good. But I know the REAL FACTOR IS CONVERSION. I will post about forceful conversion.

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