(1) God has a purpose for everyone’s life; He has a purpose for everything that He does.

(2) Our Father created man in His own image so that we manifest God in our lives and in this world. That is the way we live for God. By living the life of God, there will be peace in our own life and also peace among people and in the world. Everyone would be putting God first in their lives and thereby living a blessed life because in God are all the blessings.

(3) When God made man, at that point in time Man did not have any quality of sin. When Adam sinned, Satan added the sickness of sin into Adam’s inner spirit being and he became a sinner. This is the sickness of sin that has been passed to each offspring, both male and female, fathered by a man. Though each one conceived in his or her mother’s womb is created in the Image of Our Father, that one also has the sickness of sin. Each human being ever to be on Planet Earth starts as a sinner in his or her mother’s womb.

(4) From the time man fell into sin the image of God has been marred and the sin image of Satan is being formed in man and he is living the so called twisted image of Satan who is the first sinner.

(5) Since man couldn’t change His image without God’s help so God sent Jesus for our sake so that we have the image of God once again in our spirit soul.

(6) In John 10:10, Jesus said, “…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

(7) Jesus came that we may have God kind of life and live the Heaven culture life on earth. Only when we live Jesus life on earth there will be peace in our life, in our family and in the world.

(8) This is the life that is required for us to live in Heaven. But Satan has given other alternatives so that we reject God’s life and fulfill his plan and purpose through our lives.

(9) If we do not live with the life of God that is given in and through Christ we will be vessels for the devil’s purpose. Many do not know that they are being lied and used for the devil and his purpose. God wants man to enjoy his life, but He knows man cannot enjoy because he has a fallen life or nature which influences the devil to work for him and serve him (Satan) and his purpose.

(10) Only when we have the life of God through Christ we can live even our own life without Satan’s interference. Many think that they are enjoying life but it is actually a game plan of the devil that he is using them for himself rather than for man himself. It is not man enjoying his life; but Satan enjoying his life through man by fulfilling his (Satan’s) purpose.

(11) The only way out where a man can enjoy his life fully without any external pressure is by having the life of God in him/her which releases us from the life, kingdom and doings, influences of Satan. This is the only way we can live our life to the fullest. Having the life of God does not mean that we do not enjoy our life, as God is not selfish. He knows that when you have His life you also have all his goodness, kindness, mercy, love, faith, joy peace and happiness to enjoy.

You can name all the good that is the life of God. In all your weakness lies His strength. That is why in Heaven you will live without sin, sickness, curse and death because of the life of God which is God’s strength to keep you healthy and joyful for eternity.

(12) ACCEPT JESUS TODAY and LIVE FOR GOD. Living for God means living your life with God as the center where He is all your goodness.

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