This 14-year-old girl visited our church in Pune last to last week when she had severe weakness in her body. After performing a number of blood tests, the doctor had said she has very low levels of blood in her body. Her HB level was only 3.4. It was as good as not having blood in the body. But when Pastor Paul Silway prayed for her, things changed dramatically through the grace and healing power of God. After a week, she testified in the church saying her HB level has reached 6.4. She is now healthy and doing fine. Praise God!

Yesterday, she along with her entire family came to church to testify in detail and reveal another incident of God’s mighty power related to the healing that took place in her life. It was later found that a god-man who practices black magic and witchcraft was responsible for the sickness unto death in her life. This person was practicing black magic/witchcraft against the girl to bring sickness in her life and kill her.

But, as Pastor was praying in the church, he was getting troubled in the remote village, where was living, at the same time. He became demonized and started speaking like a mad man. Some of his words were: Don’t do this to me, leave me. He eventually became very sick for three days, and on the third day, he faced death. Truly, our God is all-powerful and He works wonders through his anointed, such as our Pastor. We also thank our church member who brought the girl and her family to the church.

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