(1) There are many festivals that people celebrate.

(2) Some enjoy just the celebration part of the festivals, without it’s true meaning.

(3) Some people want to have fun, so they just enjoy the celebration.

(4) There are festivals of Light and festivals of darkness.

(5) There are festivals of God and festivals of Satan.

(6) Some festivals can only add meaning to our earthly life and earthly living.

(7) Some festivals have eternal meaning and can add Heavenly and eternal meaning.

(8) Some festivals are for temporary life and some festivals are for eternal life.

(9) There are some traditional festivals which people observe; some are harmless and some are harmful.

(10) Traditional festivals, which has no connection to the devil can be celebrated for fun, togetherness and joy, but avoid those festivals which has demonic significance, demonic influence or involvement.

(11) If you believe in festivals which has a touch of Satan, you are inviting trouble, because that opens the door for the devil to enter your life and family.

(12) Do not think all festivals are good.

(13) Never put traditions above the Word of God as they did during Jesus time. It had happened slowly without anyone’s knowledge. When Jesus came on the scene, He saw that people were putting or giving more importance to traditions rather than the Word of God. They had started to live based on traditions as the Word of God. They never knew when Satan placed traditions, instead of the Word of God. He had slowly removed the Word of God and introduced traditions as the Word of God.

Jesus said in Mark 7:13: Making the Word of God of none effect through your tradition.

(14) Some traditions like “Haldi” that they do before marriage is a wonderful skin shiner, but it does not add any meaning to your married life. So, do not believe that this will keep your marriage. Some people even throw much money during marriage festivals thinking it will add wonder to their marriage, but alas, we have seen so many marriages broken down or separated even after doing and adhering to so many traditions. Have we not seen accidents even after the new vehicles purchased underwent traditions or some dolls put underneath vehicles for protection?

(15) Marriage can last when there is love between both the husband and wife and when we pray together and live and walk in love with one another treating each other as God- given and God’s favorites. Do not consider your life partner as inferior and you superior. These and many such like qualities can break the marriage relationship.

(16) In the same way, know that everything that is in the world is temporary. You may have the highest position on earth, but it’s temporary. Remember your wealth prosperity does not mean spiritual prosperity or your wealth prosperity does not add any value to your spirit prosperity or heaven prosperity.

(17) Do not think that just because you are financially rich you are also spiritually rich. Yes, I agree that some are rich in wealth prosperity as they are spiritually rich. Give first priority to Heavenly things then all will go on well.

(18) The Bible festivals has an eternal value. Those festivals happened for your sake, to save you, bless you and take you to Heaven, when you leave this physical body and physical earth. So you must celebrate these eternal festivals.

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