Dearly beloved children of God,

You know God calls you beloved. Why? Because you are in the beloved Son of God, JESUS. It’s not our worthiness that made us beloved, but because of Jesus who is God’s Beloved that we are called beloved. To call us His beloved, Our Father put us in Christ, the Beloved Son of God (1 Cor 1:30).

Let me now tell you something very important as we have time and we live in the factor of time. Born again Christians who belong to the eternal Homeland of our Father, which is Heaven must do some eternal planning yourself. You know People do all kinds of planning like vacation plans, savings plans, college plans, retirement plans, even their funeral plans. But, many don’t always think about ETERNAL PLANS.

Don’t worry dear child of God, you can still do that because there’s still breath in your body. Your eternal position is decided by the time you die. You can’t change it once you get to Heaven. You can’t do something more or better for God, after you leave for your heavenly abode. You know there are some children of God who say, “You know when I get to heaven I will work very sincerely for the Lord.” No, it’s too late. In heaven there is nothing to resist to prove your love and faithfulness for God. The devil is not there to hinder you. It’s very easy to live in heaven and you can prove nothing. Everything is provided free there, though there will be work to do, but the kind of work which will be like a hobby for you, the work that you always liked or loved to do while on earth. The work that you love you would always do. So, that is the kind of work in heaven.

Whatever you accomplish on this life, now when you are alive on Planet Earth for Him DETERMINES whether you will RULE AND REIGN, or whether you will SERVE THE PEOPLE ruling and reigning.

I know we all want to rule and reign with Christ. Yes, He too wants that for everyone of His children. And it’s really not that hard to accomplish. You need to find out what He called you to do on this earth. It might be no more than just helping somebody. It could be working in the ministry under your pastor or team leader. It could be that you have been given talent by Our Father to sing for His glory in the choir or to play an instrument for His glory. It could even be arranging chairs or furniture’s for your church meeting or keeping the place clean or assisting your pastor or leader. It could be in the counter managing books, CD’s or cash. It could even be praying for people or in the welcoming team or give financially as the Lord has prospered you. It could be anything for the kingdom of God like visiting people in the hospital. Writing notes for people who are handicapped, praying for people’s healing. It might be helping an elderly person get a ride.

You don’t all have to be Billy Grahams or Oral Roberts. That was their calling. If you will achieve what He called you to do, you will be rewarded for your faithfulness, not for your position. He decides the places but you are required to be faithful in wherever He has called you or placed you. No place that He gives is greater or smaller. He does not see your position because it’s given by Him. He sees your faithfulness in the things He has called you.

It’s the immature saints that look for positions and the devil has added to this deception so that he influences born again Christians to have jealously for one another and ultimately many have stopped serving God.

Everyone’s called to love people. Even if you start loving people you have fulfilled his purpose for your life and you will be rewarded. So, do not say I have no calling. If you don’t know your calling, just keep loving people, and He’s going to make sure you find out what it is. If He called you to be an artist and you knew it, and you decided to be a lawyer, you are not going to get any reward for that. That’s what the Judgment Seat of Christ is.

Remember, Judgment Seat of Christ, is only for Christians and when the Bible says that when you go to the Judgment Seat of Christ you’ll be judged for deeds done in the flesh. People ask me time and again: “Does that mean I’ll be judged for my sins?” No, you wouldn’t be there. Your sins are forgiven and forgotten.

The deeds done in the flesh are things you want to do, and you decide to do even though you know what God called you to do. If He called you to be a minister, and you said: “That’s too hard. I’m going to be a lawyer.”, you won’t get much reward because all those things you did as a lawyer, even though they may have been “good things”, they will be burned up. You don’t have to decide to be someone you aren’t called to be.

You know today it’s become a trend to copy someone famous; a Man of God or a woman of God who is well known. You don’t have to be someone. God does not want two Billy Grahams or two Oral Roberts. Everyone is unique in His sight as he has made us different from one another and He loves who you are and not because you resemble someone famous. You just have to be you. He wants to use your gifts, your personality. He just likes who you are. Many Christians think that someone famous or powerful in the Ministry is whom God likes so they try to resemble or imitate them. Whatever talents or gifting or power he has given His children is His grace not their works, so they cannot boast who they are. It’s God given by grace not earned.

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