HOLY SPIRIT: In this communication I will teach you about Our Father’s meaning of family. The equation involved is 1+1=3. Our Father’s basic unit of family for you humans on Planet Earth is ONE MAN PLUS ONE WOMAN in a marriage relationship resulting in offspring of children. Do you remember where the concept of family actually started?

ME: I do remember. Holy Spirit told me that Our Father/Christ/Holy Spirit, even though one person, THEY are actually a family. Evidently, this establishes the basis of there being an entity of three in Our Father’s Family.

Holy Spirit wants me to clarify something about angels. To understand this you must think of angels, as they existed before Our Father created Planet Earth. They were and always will be a part of Our Father’s Family in Heaven. Holy Spirit wants us to know that each one of the angels is a male spirit being and a female spirit being unified into one being. Therefore, they do not reproduce our kind. Humans will be like this when we get to Heaven (see Luke 20:34-36). Keeping this in mind Holy Spirit will further communicate in this report.

HOLY SPIRIT: There are three elements in Our Father’s idea of family. In Heaven the three elements are – Our Father, Christ Your Lord, and Me (HS). In Our Father’s whole family on Planet Earth there are three elements – Hebrew people, Born Again Gentiles, and Born Again Hebrews. Within Our Father’s total family on Planet Earth, He has smaller units of families that have three elements. Our Father’s plan is that each one of the smaller family units be made up of one man and one woman living in a marriage relationship. The husband and wife become the first two elements of a family. Their offspring of children become the third element. Our Father’s plan is that every human being be part of a family having these three elements. If a man remains single and does not marry, his basic family unit is still that of his father and mother. If a woman remains single and does not many, her basic family unit is still that of her father and mother.

All created beings are not perfect because they as created beings are not as great as Our Father. Our Father/Christ/Holy Spirit is the only perfect being in existence. Even the angels are not perfect. (See Job 4:18.) This does not make any difference concerning their family in Heaven, as they do not reproduce any offspring. One result of you human beings not being perfect is that there are many families that are not structured according to Our Father’s plan. It should also be stated that Our Father is willing to help any family on Planet Earth, even if the family is not perfectly structured.

Our Father’s plan for individual families on Planet Earth was given when Our Father created Adam and Eve to live on planet Earth. Thus, Our Father’s plan for individual families is for Born Again Christians, Born again Hebrews, and Hebrew people. Our Father welcomes any other people on Planet Earth to use His plan. I (HS) will continue this communication as I (HS) lead you to some verses of Scripture in preparation for this report.

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