(1) I thought religion makes one holy, pure and righteous.

(2) I thought that the god you associate with should make you like him.

(3) That means when one becomes violent the god they worship is also violent and a killer.

(4) IF associating with a certain god or practicing a certain RELIGION IS MAKING YOU BAD, VIOLENT, A KILLER, A STEALER, A DESTROYER, A DRUGGIST, A HATER – Then stop associating with the one who is leading you astray.

(5) If keeping company with God can make you a bad person that means God is bad. Then stop associating with him. Or else find out the TRUE and LIVING GOD and associate with Him. It is said – Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” (1 Cor 15:33). There are two God’s – The True and Living God of Love and the False god of Hate.

(6) Whom you serve or worship you will become like the One whom you worship. You don’t need rocket science to know this. By your fruits you are known. If you are a hater, killer, destroyer – you are worshiping a false god.

(7) If the god you are worshiping is making you a terrorist, that means god is a master of terror and a killer. Then parents need to change their thinking and even tell children not to associate with the bad, the killer….

(8) Do not read what I am writing with a negative mindset of hate and violence, otherwise you will never see the truth or light. Remember only the Truth or Light of God can set you free. False, lies and deception binds and you will remain bound all your life even as you pass on from here to eternity bound.

(9) Heaven is for GOOD PEOPLE not BAD PEOPLE. Every action that men do, God will judge on the day of judgment. You may escape the judgment of this earth, but you cannot escape the judgment of God for His judgments are right.

(10) No one has the right to beat, kill someone. God has given every person a right to live. Then God has given the laws for which there are authorities who have been given the power to act. If every man chooses to punish without the trial of court, then we don’t need the rule of law or the enforcers of law. Let us close down the government machinery and give the rule to the people. When it came to their cow belief, they let the lynchers handle the situation and kill the ones even if they were innocent.

(11) One thing is sure – God will not spare anyone who kills anyone in the name of religion/god.

(12) Christianity never tells to persecute or kill anyone who does not practice Christianity. Even if you convert a Christian into your own religion without force, Christians will never attack you or kill you or destroy your religious places. Look at the God we serve. He has given everyone a free-will and they are free to choose whom they want to serve. God never wants a forceful love or forceful followers.

(13) A forceful follower does not follow out of love but out of fear. When fear is removed he may choose not to follow. You can teach a dog or parrot to say, I love you, but that does not mean it loves you.

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