The first thing you must know to receive healing is that Sickness is not from God; And healing is from God. God does not put sickness disease and curse and then heals you to get credit. Satan cannot or does not heal. Even if he does some few things as a manipulation which may look like healing, he will always add pain, suffering and trouble (this is what Holy Spirit told me). When people read about healing that Jesus does or did the first thing they say is that it is fake. The problems with these kinds of people is that they have not yet come in contact with the true and living God who is the healer.

The Bible says in Acts 10:38 – Jesus went about DOING GOOD and HEALING ALL that were oppressed by the devil. These kinds of people have shut the door for any blessing that would have come into their life had they believed, because it requires faith to open the door to receive and doubt to close the door of blessing and healing. Then someone may ask – Pastor Paul, why don’t you go to the hospital and heal people? Yes, surely I can do that because I believe in healing, but healing is based on people’s faith. If they believe in Jesus they too can get healed.

You cannot criticize the healer and as a curiosity or testing ask for healing. I also would like to state: We Christians believe in the doctors ability which is given by God, but we also believe that God is the Doctor of all doctors. Have you not heard? Some doctors after performing an operation say – “Now look to God; we have done everything that human hands can do, now look for a miracle from God.” By not believing in a miracle or healing from God you close your heart to receiving anything from God, for God gives based on our faith in Him. Maybe you or any of your family may need healing, but you will not receive because you have closed the door of your heart. You may cry and beg and plead but you will never receive because blessings and healing come based on your faith or belief on the healer that is Jesus.

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