THE DEAD CHRISTIANS – These are born in a Christian family (born physically not Spiritually) but they have not accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord, so they are not Christians by LIFE but by NAME. They are spiritually dead while physically alive. They may do many Christian things, but they are not Christians according to Heaven.

Let’s now discuss the following categories of Christians who are saved and going to Heaven, but they may not be living a victor’s life because of the following factors. Please do not take it as an offence, but let us learn these truths. It will help us in our walk in life.

FIRST CATEGORY – Those who do not know the Word – The devil can target them and defeat them. Hosea 4:6 says – My people are perishing for lack of (true or right) knowledge of the Word of God. These are saved by the Word Life but they do not grow in this new life, so they live defeated life’s.

SECOND CATEGORY – Those who know the Word, but don’t believe or put their faith in action. They are just hearers not doers. When crisis come against them they cannot face it because their faith doesn’t work. They have never exercised their faith. Faith without action is dead. It’s like a person who is in a building caught by fire and someone comes and tells him that the building is on fire. He hears it but does not take any action, but sits there, although he hears the words many times. He is a good hearer, but not a doer so he perishes. People may say – how did he die, he had faith. Yes, faith was there but he did nothing with that faith. He was a good hearer, but not a doer of the Word so he perished.

THIRD CATEGORY – Those who know the Word and believe it by deeds, but when Satan casts doubt in what they know and believe they leave the faith and believe the lie of the devil. This is the way the devil deceives them and then pulls the rug of faith off their feet and trips them or tricks them as he did to Adam and Eve our first parents. In Genesis 2:17, the Lord warned Adam that the penalty for disobedience would be death—“YOU WILL SURELY DIE.” BUT the serpent (Devil) said “YOU WILL NOT CERTAINLY DIE,” Genesis 3:4. What do you do when you hear voices which are contrary to God’s Word of what God has said?

A lazy and a passive Christian would do nothing and in the long run without his knowledge he has been living out of faith and into the realm of unbelief, which is the realm of the devil. Then at that moment Satan attacks them. Christians then think how did it happen suddenly. No, it didn’t happen suddenly – you never recognized it, as you were lazing and had put down the armor of faith, Satan was sending his fiery spiritual darts against you and you were becoming weaker and weaker and then it happened.

FOURTH CATEGORY – Those who know the Word, believe the Word by putting it in actions and then resist the devil because of their faith. This puts the devil to flight. They submit to God which means – they know and believe God by His Word and then through faith resist the devil to show that they believe the Word. This way they honor God. Unbelief dishonors God and it is sin as we see the unsaved are not saved because of unbelief not because they are sinning. We were saved not because of our good deeds, but because of faith and they are not saved because of unbelief.

No Christian should blame God, their Pastor or Church for whatever negative problems they are going through. It’s a combination of faith of both the Pastor and the receiver that gets the blessings in your life. So please read the Bible. You can’t take spiritual experiences and think it can make up for the Word of God.

You don’t need me. You need revelation about who JESUS is. Revelation about what Christ gave you when He died on the cross. That’s what you need, revelation on the Word of God in your life.

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