(1) Why show compassion only to cows, why not for other animals?

(2) Some say because cow gives milk. Anything that benefits mankind is called a god. The sun gives light so it is a god. The tree gives shade so it’s a god. The tempo or a lorry gives us monthly salary to feed us and our family, so it becomes a god and they start worshipping. They start to worship either of fear of punishment of their god or to receive a blessing.

(3) According to the Bible there is a difference between human beings and animals. Humans have a spirit within us that Our God created in His image. We are a spirit being living in a physical body. The cows (or any other beings apart from human beings) are physically alive, but they do not have the spirit being quality.

(4) God created two types of living beings:

  • He created spirit like beings that are spirit beings like Him. Some of these, namely are humans, He placed in physical bodies.
  • He created living physical beings that do not have any spirit light being living in their physical bodies. These are called animals.

(5) Every being will remain the type of being God created – For example, God created us humans as a physical being with a spirit being living in our physical being or body. I (human being) will always be this type of being. We (human beings) will never be a physical being, such as an animal, without a spirit being within us.


(1) Milk cows were pre-programmed by Our God, referred to by some as instinct, to produce milk. This is the way it happens. There would be a supply of milk available in the milk cows, but if those milking the cows do not follow a certain pattern with the milk cows the milk would not be available for human consumption.

(2) When a mother cow gives birth to a calf, she has a milk supply in her body. The calf then receives nourishment by nursing the milk of the mother cow. When the calf is about six weeks old, the calf is weaned from the mother cow, and the calf is then given nourishment other than the mother cow’s milk.

(3) At that time those milking the cows begin to milk the cow, and the cow continues to produce milk that could be used for human consumption. After about nine months of milking, those milking the cows gradually stop milking the cow and she stops producing milk. About a month later when the mother cow again gives birth to a new calf she has a new supply of milk, and the procedure is again repeated.

(4) WHO MAKES THE MILK IN THE BODY OF THE ANIMAL? It’s God. So worship the Creator not the creation. Creation must never worship creation, but the Creator.

(5) So here we see, IT’S NOT THE COMPASSION OF THE COW that it gives milk for human consumption, but it produces milk when she gives birth to a calf. The milk is FOR THE CALF not for human consumption, but those milking the cows cheatingly wean away the calf and remove milk for human consumption. Here we see the compassion of God the Creator, rather than the compassion of the cow to give milk. This is an instinct put in the cow by God.

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