This is a wonderful testimony of deliverance and restoration. The sister in the photograph (on the left) was oppressed by very strong demons for nearly 8 years. Not one, not two, but several demons! So much so that they invaded her house – she could literally see the colors of her house walls changing on their own. Somehow she discovered about our church through our official website and contacted our leaders. Wasting no time, we prayed for her and directed her toward the church.

The person accompanying her was also demon-possessed. He had a lot of health issues too. The demons inside him were not allowing him to go to the church. Some of our leaders had to bring him to the church on a bike. As they were close to the church, suddenly the electricity power of the area went off. However, the Lord’s desire prevailed and both of them gave their lives to Jesus that day when Br. Kenneth Silway prayed for them.

The sister had asthma, tuberculosis, and other severe diseases. She used to vomit every time she was in the church. All the demonic things that were fed to her were gradually leaving her body and the voodoo, sorcery, or black magic performed against her was being nullified. This went on for three months. Before visiting our church, she tried a number of babas, tantrics, and other mediums for her deliverance but to no avail. In fact, her problems became worse. She also tried other pastors and Christian leaders, but on the contrary, they used to get attacked by the devil and would refuse to pray for her the next time.

Finally, when Pastor Paul Silway prayed for her and the person accompanying her, they got completely delivered. All the voodoo, sorcery, or black magic power was broken and pulled out from their lives from the roots. She also received blessings in her professional life. Recently, she got promoted as a Project Manager. The same people at her workplace who used to mock her and make fun of her life problems now respect her.

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