Looking at this video I was amazed and glorified God as Creator. Who can say that everything evolved by its own, that there is no Creator. Then Holy Spirit gave me this communication. Read and be blessed and share it with others.

(1) Our Father, Who lives in Heaven, is the Creator of the universe of Planet Earth, Planet Earth, and forms of life on Planet Earth, including all plant life, animal life, and human beings.

(2) One who believes in evolution without Our Father being Creator will not be able to pray prayers that will result in miracles and healing.

(3) HOLY SPIRIT: In the society in which you live today there is still much discussion about the topic CREATIONISM VERSES EVOLUTIONISM. There are many who believe the Bible viewpoint that Our Father is Creator. This means that at one point, the only being in existence was Our Father and from Him has come all else that is and will be in existence. There are many who believe that through some natural process, that is termed evolution, that what was, is, and will be in existence came into being through some natural process. The point of this communication is to state that Born Again Christians and Hebrew People, who believe that Our Father is Creator, are people that Angels can help.

(4) HOLY SPIRIT: Our Father’s plan is that Born Again Christians who are forerunners because they are disciples of Christ Your Lord go about standing for and speaking out for the truth that Our Father, as Creator is the source of ALL life.

(5) HOLY SPIRIT: There are scientists on Planet Earth who teach a theory of evolution. It should be noted that the true theory of evolution begins with the assumption that Creator does not exist, and of course did not do any creating. Their assumption is that everything and life forms came into existence by a series of chance events that took place over billions of years.

The debate that still takes place between those who believe there is Creator and those who do not believe there is Creator cannot be resolved by discussions of so called facts based upon material things. We are talking about a spiritual matter. When a person becomes a Born Again Christian that one begins a personal or person-to-person relationship with Our Father/Christ Your Lord/Holy Spirit. The message of truth in the Bible that Creator exists should not be a mystery to those who have a personal relationship with Our Father/Christ Our Lord/Holy Spirit.

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