(1) According to the Bible, God does not force anyone to come to Him, accept Him or serve Him. He takes utmost care that their freedom or free will is not coerced. He cannot enter any life that is not opened by free will. God never makes a forceful entry into anyone’s life. So forceful conversion is not true. Even if we try to force people, God will never enter their heart, unless a person on his/her own free will, makes a choice to receive Him. God is always righteous in everything that He does. He doesn’t have to use unrighteousness which is the tool of the devil. Christians can only share the good news and it is upon the hearers, whether to believe or not.

(2) God does not get angry because someone rejected Him. God does not get angry, if someone has burnt or torn His Bible. Of course He feels very grieved for someone who did that, because He loves him without condition. I remember Brother Rambabu sharing his testimony who came from a non-Christian background. He used to burn and tear the Bibles and curse Jesus and Christians. But, one day in a meeting God touched him and he accepted Jesus and now preaches for Christ. You can watch him on various platforms. I know there are some Christians who preach and write hate messages towards those who burn the bibles, but that’s not true. I know God has accepted and saved so many who were once upon a time, haters of Christ and Christianity, who spat upon Christians, burnt the churches, lied about them and killed them.

(3) All men must know that there is a god of hate and a God of love. Whom you serve, you will have his fruits. Love and forgiveness from the God of love AND hate, violence and death from the god of hate. Finally, you will be with that god for all eternity. Don’t forget that Heaven is a place of divine love, not hate and hell is a place of hate, not love!

(4) God never wants any human being to carry hate in his/her heart against God or mankind for the quality of hate is not of God at all.

(5) One thing we must know that everyone is made in the image of God and God loves everyone. Everyone has made their choices whom to serve. The quality of God is love from which flows forgiveness and acceptance. The quality of Satan is hate from which flows killing, stealing, violence and destruction. That is why the Bible says, By the fruits you will know, who is your master.

(6) Christianity, in its true form, is not a religion. Christianity, according to the Bible, is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Christianity is God offering salvation to ANYONE who believes and trusts the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. A person who converts to Christianity is not leaving one religion for another religion. Converting to Christianity is receiving the GIFT that God offers and beginning a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that results in the forgiveness of sins and eternity in Heaven after death.

(7) Christianity, contrary to the popular myth, has never been a religion spread by coercion. Rather, it has been spread by evangelism. The whole point of evangelization is for people to freely accept Christ. A forced conversion is no conversion at all.

(8) Christian belief, is not doing some rituals and rules which are external. It is the change of heart and then the deeds follow. According to Christian belief, God changes the heart of man though you may look the same from outside. You are never asked to change your dress style, code or looks. Everything remains the same, only your heart is become new. The old is gone behold you become a new person.

(9) Christianity cannot be forced because it’s the heart matter not the external matter. Unless you open your heart according to your own free will you cannot be converted. Conversion is not doing some rites or rituals or dress code. It’s a relationship based on life, not religion.

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